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Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Wildfires! Tornadoes. Who Had This on Their Bingo Card for February 2024??


An old fashioned stampede.... they run for their lives.
Texas style 2024

So often history repeats with minor variations that create huge differences. Wildfires on the Plains throughout history were a common, deadly danger. Everything from catalytic converters to range wars for land, to methods of clearing land or villainous invaders setting fire to someone's homestead. Range Wars vs accidental fires when some careless person throws their cigarette or cigar out the window and it ignites dry grass that's ripe and ready to burn. And, burn it does. Add in strong winds fanning the flames as they race along 50 to 60 mph forward speed caught in the wild wind.

2024 vs 1834 there's a nuclear plant there.
This is a serious story and it's weather related.
Without the strong winds....
... it would be easier to fight the fire. Many good stories but go straight to the source as Dallas is watching this story more carefully than people in Kentucky that are dealing with the storm line that dropped tornadoes in February earlier near Chicago. 

Reed Timmer was on it early.
When he shows up in your town....'s usually more trouble than Cantore.
If they both show up....
.... well not much I can add there.

Good coverage.
As the sun comes up .....

I put on TWC this morning but they are barely covering it, now perhaps as the sun comes up they have video. Bottom line is there is currently "zero percent containment" which really should be a capital letters. My husband, who when young was a fireman, said when he heard that "wow" and he's not prone to saying things like "wow" and thinking Cantore understands this more than many who just want to see pictures of fire spreading, cattle stampeding and in truth they are mostly covering the  next storm moving Westward from the Pacific and the tornado that happened near Chicago. 

Yes, Hurricane Season is down the tropical road.

Dabuh has been in a mood.
Mother Nature has been in a mood.

Mike is watching the firess.
Mike's site Spaghetti Models...
aka Mike's Weather Page is 20 years old!
I remember the first time he sent me a link...
...awesome, whoosh 20 years :)

Everyone should be watching the fires.
It's a huge story and again.
out of control on the move.

That's my look at the weather news today. There is winter weather but it's up where winter weather usually is as opposed to diving down deep into the South or snowing on the fire in Texas.

March 1st is on Friday.

I've said this before, if you have never really seen a wild fire out on the Plains or the hillside it's hard to really know what those people know. Seen them in California when I lived there, seen the smoke from the fires when the Everglades is burning.

If you don't lose your home or farm........same thing but being clear here.
You lose power.
Infrastructure is gone the way it is after Hurricane Andrew.
Until the winds die down.... it'll spread into parts of Oklahonma and keep burning.

Becareful what you read as the conspiracy theories are off the charts on social medial.
370,000 acres is equal to 578 square miles.

Kudos to Thor News as looked on YouTube to see what was being shown and yes it sounds like we are all writing a screenplay for a Disaster Movie awaiting a title. Maybe the title should just be 2024! Laughing, seriously it just keeps getting more and more bizarre.

That said..........

Can't beleive I'm doing this before March.

Hurricane Prep:

That simple.
No excuses.
If money is an issue buy 1 thing....
...every trip to the store and put it away.
Always something on sale.
Think drinks......
Water good but drinks are drinks.

Memorial Day Sales = Hurricane Supplies.
Dollar Store... $1.25 filled with things to put away.
If you need them, use them, replace them.

2024 Hurricane Season expected to be wild.

Don't say I didn't warn you.
It's the 1 disaster you Can prepare for...

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter

I'll add a song in when my internet is normal.


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