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Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Tuesday. Pine Pollen Questions. Mean System Moving East....... End of February. Windy & Cold in Raleigh


Let me add it FEELS cold, it's not that cold temperature wise but it's damp, windy and gray. I wasn't going to talk on Pine Pollen but it's become a subject today. I'd venture to say it won't get really going til March begins (in a few days) but there's always that one tree or two that pops early. One year everyone was outside in the cul de sac and I was confused. I went outside, called my husband and he said it looked like smoke was in the air. Yellow smoke I may add. We could see it moving in the wind and yes, it was pollen. Every year it's different. Hot weather hastens early pine pollen season. A strong breeze will break up the early cones and get them going. Yes, that's what they are called.

I did figure I'd see it in Georgia soon.... soon as we drive South.
But surprised it's here.
I'll believe it when I see it.

It's a sign of the times. Gets warm, then cold again, then warmer longer again, then cold again and day by day, wave by wave of wavering temperatures bring us to that point that it's Meteorological Spring on March 1st.

The yellow on this image is convection.
Tired of it.
Ready for Spring.
Ready for hitting the road.
Ready to see blue skies and water.
Just saying.

March 1st 3 months to Hurricane Season.
Stay tuned.

Sing a tune..........
.........could use a tune, I'm in a mood.

Sweet Tropical Dreams
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Ps always think of this song.

lyrics get to me:

Michael wakes you up with sweetsHe takes you up streets, and the rain comes downSidewalk markets locked up tightAnd umbrellas bright on a grey background
There's oil in the puddles in taffeta patternsThat run down the drainIn colored arrangementsThat Michael will change with a stick that he found

I played this song on YouTube that gave me Joni Mitchell (eww I am so not a fan) and her voice hurt my ears. I always think of Judy Collins. My brother loved Judy Collins. I had a boyfriend named David and David was cute in a young, whimsical way and despite being crazy smart and in all the honors classes he played basketball incessantly on the court or imaginary little games while talking when restless. He made everything fun, simple feel good fun and I adored him. So did one of my best friends...he was adorable. He still is but he's grown and doubt he plays imaginary basketball when restless like I used to do time steps in tamp dance when young and bored. Some people have a bit of magic in them and they can take you up streets when the rain comes down and you hide in a patch of christmas trees waiting to be sold under an awning and hahaha it's not just the yellow arrangements he could make with a stick that he found but the smell of pine. Ironic but true. In a mood. This is what y'all get today. Taking meds lol so I stay calm, mellow and chilled in all ways. No stress allowed........

Can't wait to see May Monsoons in Miami. For David who left Miami long ago and is now Dovid far away. We are all so far away, oh Lord did anyone from my school stay in Miami???


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