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Monday, February 26, 2024

Monday Morning. Another Storm System in the Pacific. Snow Up North. Thunderstorms in the South? What's on the Plate for This Week? Sushi or Pizza with Pepperoni? Everything Bagel or Sourdough?


This is a look at the State of the Union.
It was hot out West.
A new system coming in will change that.
Snow in the North.

Going wide.......

Storm systems off the West Coast have been everything.

A close up shows us the trouble makers

Churning, rearranging.
Appearing over and over again.

So what changes as we edge into Cane Season?
Not sure 100% but watching.
It's hot in the Atlantic.... bout the EPAC?
Things to do and check off this week...

Out West there's snow in the mountains.
Elevation matters.
Denver has a snow shadow sometimes...
...but they get plenty still.

I woke up this morning in a great mood, great as in wide awake, slept well and ready to roll. I had an immediate thought of "put on TWC and listen to Cantore talk on today's weather" something I haven't done in a while as I often sleep in these days. And there's no snow in my part of the world nor is there a hurricane so "it'll rain some, whatever" as nothing exciting to track, chase or enjoy. My second thought was "clean the closet this morning" a thought I went to bed with as a project for Monday. I put on Cantore (he truly is a National Treasure) and heard about the progression of storms coming into the West Coast and where it'll snow and where it won't tho some places have a minimal chance of severe weather and a random tornado. No it's not Tornado Season in the sense of "let's go chase a Tornado" but as cold diving air moves into regions where there is warm moist air, well you know how that goes. Keep an eye to the sky and radar IF you live in that part of the world where the meteorological powers that be collide this time of year.

I cleaned the closet, no there is not a Sweater Declutter on YouTube but it happened. Some going to the thrift shop and others put away for next year. Looking through my "spring/summer clothes" which are usually partly in the closet and partly packed in a suitcase for fast trips to Miami in Winter. I've made more than normal this Winter as we are snowless in Raleigh. Nuff said on that.

Hurricane Names 2024.
I'd wager Alberto forms before June 1st!
Maybe even Beryl!!

TWC has Winter Storms Names.
It's very controversal ....
...a lot of people don't like it.
I don't usually even know them...
..but they do get original don't they.
Though Ronnie is one of them.
I have a brother named Ronnie.
His hebrew name is Rafael.
Hmnnnnn odd.

... more to come this week
Will discuss the Hurricane Season soon.
As we round the corner into March.

Do u get excited when there's a runner on 1st base?
Or when the runner is on 3rd base?

Stay tuned.

Sweet Tropical Dreams,
@bobbistorm on Twitter


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