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Friday, January 05, 2024

Winter Storm Coming Together....On the Move. Brings Severe Weather (Tornadoes FL) Snow in Plains & MTNS ... Freezing Rain... Ice. Pay Close ATTN To WXR INFO For Your Location!

Gonna keep this simple today. There's a Winter Storm brewing and it'll be moving up and across the East Coast from it's birthing location in the Gulf of Mexico. Well let's say it comes together from the various infusions that makes it a Winter Drink with lots of ingredients. Timing is everything. If it arrives in your location in the middle of the night vs after the sun rises you may get more than you expected. Snow storms are harder to forecast than hurricanes, as they evolve in real time. It has the cold air coming down and mixing it up with the warmer moister air and it'll be a Severe Weather maker in the South and then as it moves up the spine of the Appalachian Mtns snow will fall, some places could have blizzard like conditions and then there's the whole question of just how much weather the major cities of the Mid Atlantic and the Northeast will get in the end.

Also from Content Weather, he's good.
Especially with his maps and words.

The bigger problem here is this is one of two or one of three storm systems that will move across the US as Lows in the NE Pacific will crash into the West Coast and then hook up with the wet moisture from the Gulf of Mexico and each will have it's own unique qualities though by February 1st it may all look like one long, drawn out drama.
Northern component in the Plains

Southern component shows up in red.

I hate this radar.
Can't say it enough.
Yeah you can zoom in but it sucks.
Sorry, it does. Truth.
But it shows where the weather is currently.
Down the road we end up with this...

On Saturday there are warnings everywhere.
Well, there will be.
Areas of Ice .. Freezing Rain.
Severe Weather to the South.
Snow to the North.

Pay close attention to your local Weather.

Busy weather week for me....
...tho usually snow doesn't show here.
But who knows?

May update if models show something new.
But it's a watch in real time.
Prepare for the worst.
Hope for the best.

@bobbistorm on Twitter

As for me.... snow means sadness.
Should I go somewhere???
Time will tell...


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