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Monday, January 01, 2024

Story of 2 Jet Streams. Where Do They Hook Up? Do They? Mix It Up? Snow Storms or Cold Rain Storm? Welcome to 2024!!


Snow in our part of the world.

Depends on what happens in the Pacific.

And what mixes it up from the Gulf of Mexico.

2024 Winter....

...Story of El Nino and 2 Jet Streams

Energy from the Aleutians..... and the child of a split Jet Stream! Those are the bits and pieces I heard this morning while sipping my coffee and listening to Jim Cantore speak about the possibility of Winter Weather in the South moving on up to the I95 corridor at the end of the week... or beginnng of the new week depending how you slice it!

Weather doesn't just "happen" out of a deep dark void of nothingness.... It has to begin somewhere and it's caught in the atmospheric patterns that take it somewhere else. People in the South (Carolinas, Virginia) are watching carefully how and where it dips down and what sort of storm forms in real time. Up the road in the I95 corridor people are watching as well.

You've heard people say we are a nation divided.
Meteorologically that's an issue too!!

Watch the Water Vapor Loop.
Southern Jet Stream shows up well.

Then we have those Alaskan features.
Swirls, systems, storms.

See that cyclonic feature S of Alaska?
Doing difficult moves.
Making nailing down a forecast.......

It it was easy would we all be watching??

No one draws a map like ContentWeatherGuy who is showing us context and pointing out the clues to the unraveling mystery that we will deal with at some point once it all comes together. Watch out for that trip wire!!  Below we have an image from the past that might explain Miller A Storms.

Now might be a good time for us to review the term Miller A Storm as it's used often in Winter, especially with regard to this part of the world, both the Carolinas and the Mid Atlantic watch and hold their breath every winter in real time.

But shows the issue well.
Note Southern Jet component.
How and where it all mixes together.
Means snow or just cold rain.
Link below.

Yeah, it's long but it's really a long explanation and we aren't even talking on Miller B Storms and there are actually Miller C Storms but not going there today. Had Champaign at Midnight, watched fireworks in Time Square and Nashville rocking for hours before that. So that's what all I got for ya'll today. LOL!

Mitch and I watch these sets up in the Carolinas, they can be huge game changers. He does incredibly good long videos that explain in detail what might happen weather wise and not just for the Carolinas, great part about YouTube is you can zoom forward, rewind and listen a few times to exactitudes mentioned along with an array of beautiful maps.

Wednesday's Weather Map.
Shows our 2 features.
How they connect... they interact.
Tells the end of the story!

Check back tomorrow!
Sweet snowy dreams!
Happy 2024!!!
Please bring us some happiness!

@bobbistorm on Twitter

Song from last year....
...still will be big this year :)
Toast it in with wine.....
... or Watermelon Moonshine!


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