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Thursday, January 04, 2024

Southern Storm into Mid Atlantic/NE Winter on the Move. But Is it Coming to You as Snow Ice or Rain?


My local weather expert in @RaleighWx
Note there are a few others I follow.
But Allan is magical with his maps.
They almost always play out perfectly.

I actually follow Allan Huffman on Patreon, the first and probably only person I'll follow on Patreon as his forecasts go deep and he's both wise and factual. I almost hate the fact that he is almost always dead on early on as I live in Raleigh an area often deprived of the fluffy stuff. I was hoping for a drop of freezing rain out of this with a few snowflakes magically falling down in a cold column or with the aid of some CAD (Cold Air Damming that often brings magical snow or winter weather to an area ignored by the models. Really, really should move to Greensboro, making a note to check out the city as it gets more weather all around and it's just up the road a bit. Elevation always matters and it has just enough to get what we in the South would say is "more better" weather. Or if you hate anything but fair weather and you love Raleigh you'd be thanking your lucky stars that you live in boring ole Raleigh! 

Cantore who is ....Cantore is the one we all follow.
He does follow me, that is so cool.
He's awesome in all ways.
Weather wise and other wise.
Character always matters.

Note the lil half circle SE of the pink.
That would be Raleigh.
The Raleigh snow hole. 

Oh....Oh this is new.
Writing in real time here ...
They have updated with the chance of...
..some form of frozen precipitation.
(my heart is beating so fast)
LOL smiling really.
Truth is it's all in timing.

The timing of this event is questionable and timing is everything. Let's say this comes through stronger or later (dallies a bit) and the systems comes through at 3 AM vs 3 PM then the chance for snow is much better than if it comes through at the warmer part of the day. My APPS still showing no rain. 

And this snow drama is played out across a wide part of the coutnry that gets snow sometimes vs Buffalo and Minnesota and Denver that knows it'll get snow whenever. 

Why do some people love snow so much?
It's beautiful!
Spiritual almost...
Magical definitely.
I'm from Miami and except for a year or so in school in Brooklyn, I didn't get any.

People who move here from Buffalo want to know "why??? just why??? does anyone want snow??"

Some people are haters with memories of slushy dark city snow or shoveling piles of snow off the walkway and others just love snow. 

The way of the world.

What and whom we love is personal, it can't always be explained. 
It's not always logical.
It's from the heart.

I love snow.
I love weather.
I love hurricanes. 
I love wind.
I love hail.

Don't judge me. 

Just pray I get a lil frozen precipitation and some flakes falling fast and I'll feel sooooo alive!

Love ya all.

I'll update as this gets closer but want to add this system has not been following the program time wise, nor producing wise as some places have seen snow that were not in the forecast. And, behind this system is another system as Mother Nature is working hard this Winter to make us feel as if we... had Winter.

Stay tuned.

I'll update. And, remember there are moving parts within this one system. Words such as Clipper and Short Wave and Cold Column and CAD may be heard on air or read on Twitter.

One thing I have learned living here is that it's more likely to be surprised by a strong snowfall than it is for hoping and wishing a sliver of a chance of snow in the forecast verifies. 

Tricky systems can be ...well tricky.
Snow was not in the forecast.
If only I could wake up to snow....
This system has a long way to go........
...and it's big, lumbering, huge.
Harder to forecast in details.

Stay tuned.

@bobbistorm on Twitter 

Southerners have this thing about burials.
Where we want to be buried.
I joke if I'm not buried in the old cemetery here...
....we can leave right now.
Savannah would be just fine!
Distant relatives there anyway...
..buried under the hanging moss!


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