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Friday, January 19, 2024

Snowless in Raleigh. Sunny and Cold and Beautiful Tho! Snow in Baltimore, NY .... 60 Days Left of Winter.

No my legs are good but not that long.
Shadoes in NC are wild, you don't get that in Miami.

Four photos taken in less than an hour! First the sky was gray/white...various shades of gray, the light throwing long shadows on the ground at 9 AM. Then driving a few blocks from the house the clouds turned blue, criss cross Winter Clouds.... covering the sky like a painting more than a photograph. By 9:45 after we drove back down the street after coming out of the Food Lion Grocery I realized all the clouds were gone and the sky was blue, deep, beautiful blue. Oh, and it's windy.

I complain a lot about not getting snow, wanting snow and wishing on snow and yet the truth is it hit me today.... I can go to Denver or New York to see snow but the air here is crisp, cool and beautiful. As if God literally sent air conditioning, it's not too cold and it's not too warm it's just perfect.

So I'm going to stop obessing on snow falling or sleet sleeting and just enjoy the beauty of winter in the Carolinas. There are 60 days til Spring, there is no reason to throw away the beauty of cool, fresh Winter air sulking on my lack of snow. I can travel, I just like seeing it in my own backyard; watching falling snow out my bedroom window!

That's beautiful to me!

Speaking of traveling I've been quiet because I've been on the road in 3 different cities in 4 days. We were in Charlotte (another beautiful North Carolina city) busy with appointments and my son called from Hollywood Florida explaining that they were having a fast religious wedding ceremony after my daughter-in-law's conversion was finished and well things move fast in my family and in my world. I'm very close with her and him and we had promised to go to South Florida when it was done and it was suddenly a done deal so we drove through a total white out which I'd have loved but no wind just blinding rain all through Georgia and Jacksonville and down until Daytona Beach. When you know the road trip like you know the back of your hand, you can tell the time left before you reach the Miami area.

I didn't miss any snow while gone, haha that's a joke. The weather was cool, gray and tourists were complaining to me they didn't come to Miami for gray cloudly weather. Gee.... the gray cloudy weather was almost 40 degrees warmer than New York City so you'd think they'd be happy to throw off their winter clothes. Speaking of Winter clothes I was thrilled it was "cool" as we left from Charlotte where I only had winter clothes so tho I grabbed a silky summer dress in Belk in Charlotte before leaving I wore it with leggins and boots.  It was a cute outfit, it was a sweet wedding with their two little girls Chana and Esther and it was a fast, small, quiet ceremony followed by of course sushi because South Florida and now I'm home in Raleigh, 4 days later.

I'm also banning Weather Apps from my phone that never get the 10 day forecast right let alone the 7 day. It was supposed to snow on Tuesday (nope) and it was supposed to snow tomorrow which is not in the forecast.


To add pain to the injury.... it's the anniversary of snow in Miami a long time ago. Honestly it wasn't a Holiday Card with snow on a small village, some flakes in the air and on the car and most people you'll speak to will say they missed it but still it's Weather History!

Love the one you're with an old friend used to tell me.

I'm loving Winter... and hopefully sometime in the next 60 days of Winter the snow will fall! 

Besos BobbiStorm
Sweet dreams of whatever you desire the most! 

Hope you get some weather you love!


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