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Tuesday, January 09, 2024

Power Outages. Tornado Warnings ... Hope for Best BUT Please Prepare For the Worst... When This Storm Hits YOUR Area with Tropical Storm Force Winds & Gusts It'll Be Too Late To Act... Keep Phones Fully Charged!


Subscription has sooo many options.
So worth it.
As is following Allan Huffman on Patreon.
Especially if you live in the Carolinas.

WIND is the ISSUE today.
Tornadoes too....
....Severe Weather as well.

The problem is it is hard to convey the dangers without a name and these sort of systems do not have a name, unless a tornado hits your town and then people will refer to it as the January 9th Tornado. Just the way it is, the way of the world ... people hear a "name" and they pay attention. The threat is real from Georgia where there are currently tornado warnings and winds near 90 mph in elevated places. And, when I say "elevated" I don't mean Mt Washington. 

I would prefer that NWS Raleigh put the word #Tornadoes and #severeweather in their Tweet aka Post vs directing you to read the fine print below. Sadly, people do not always read the fine print. 

My favorite weather wall art for the day!

Going wide.
This is a huge weather danger day today.
From GOM to Canada.
Most of the East Coast is in it.

It's on it's way.

Not easy to put these dangers into words as it's a fast moving system and the odds are always in your favor that you'll be just fine. Well, unless the odds are not in your favor today. 

Tie down anything that  might fly in the wind.... treat this like a fast moving Tropical Storm with a strong chance of thunder and tornadoes. It can rip someone's roof off as well as take the power out!

So pay attention and stay aware and keep your cell phone fully charged in case you need to call someone for help or check on them. If you need to know where your medication or boots are keep them somewhere you can find them if the power goes out. As this is a huge event it'll take more time than usual for power to be restored. That's a concerned.

And weather is fluid, especially severe weather and it evolves in real time so the powers that be will update in real time as well .... while you're out doing carpool or doing construction work or stuck in traffic. Remember that... a forecast is only a forecast, a prediction and there is no way to nail down where some "discreet cell" (random thundertsorm out ahead of the frontal boundary) will drop a tornado on some town that didn't think the weather would begin until later in the day.

My bottom line.
Know where impt things are if power goes out.
Medication, keys, flashlight.
If u use phone as a flashlight....
...battery won't last long.
Just saying.

I'm going off.
Got things to do... obviously...
Going to take this weather day off...
...and do it all one hour at a time.

Good luck.
Stay safe.
Stay aware.
Be prepared!

If get lightning... we count ten days for snow.
One track mind.

Not everyone can be Jim Cantore!
My friend Sharon would say "Jelly"
I'm not jealous, just hoping to get some too!

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter.

To all the chasers out there chasing today...


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