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Monday, January 08, 2024

January Storm... South Under a Wind Warning. Storm in Houston Today... Moves on East... GOM Coastal Warnings, East Coast Warnings & Up North SNOW. Stay Prepared! Stay Aware! Don't Blink!!


There's a lot going on tomorrow.
Today also but tomorrow ...ouch!
From the NW (next storm)
Middle of the country...
...presently in it.
The South gets WIND!
Gulf of Mexico Wild Storms.
Carolinas up to Cape Cod look out.
There will be incredible videos...
Raleigh NC forecast to get strong wind.
50s to 60s MPH ???
Lots of power outages across a wide area!

It's really hard to know where to begin and after the Wind and Severe Weather in early January, the cold moves down fast and there will be a snow storm up where people still see snow. It's a storm in motion, a symphony of dangerous conditions moving fast across the country.

This is tomorrow. Tuesday!

The storm system punches it's way across the Gulf of Mexico coastal towns usually used to having tropical storm conditions, crosses Florida near Steinhatchee up to the Panhandle where tornadoes could happen easily along this line but straight line winds are just as serious an issue. 

Orange is HIGH chance of trouble.
Tornadoes, Straight Line Winds
Severe Thunderstorms.
When warm moist GOM air....
..crashes into cold air.
Always trouble!

Again power outages.... tornadoes or just WIND?

And down in Florida........
...home in my heart tho I love it up here.

If you live in Florida...Central Florida.
Northern Florida.
He's good to check out on YouTube.
He updates frequently...

Listened to Mike today on the Daily Brew.
Mike with all his ADD always helps... me when my mind is everywhere!
There's a rumor Mike will be on the road tomorrow.
Chasing. Like Reed!
They both have dogs :)
Love Mike really....Reed is awesome!

As for Reed Timmer he's on it today.
As I said it's going on now... 
...moves East and NE tomrorow.

So this is the problem with explaining weather today, it's on the move and moving even faster tomorrow and then after the system moves in and your power may be gone with the wind literally, the cold will move in as well. Oh and there's more weather after this one ... once it gets to the Eastern half of the country!

Note the cold front races down through South Florida.

Tampa has a coastal flood watch.
Wednesday high 64 degrees!
Get out that fire pit... 

Bottom line is Dont Blink! Pay attention to local weather experts (not Aunt Martha unless she's working on TWC) and so keep your phone weather warnings on, pay attention to local weather experts online or on TV (yes some ppl still watch) have a radio ready, keep cell phones fully charged, know what to do if you lose your power vs your roof after a large tree falls on your abode. Seriously, this is not the weather I wanted in January. While I can whine in Raleigh where in general it's beautiful today and while I do love winter clothes and the feel of the air and the soft, beautiful sunsets that show various tinges of color through the bare trees.... at least it's not Kansas City where the Miami Dolphins will play on Sunday and the warm temperature is forecast to be 3 degrees, lower probably during game time. This is not what they signed up for as well but well you gotta do what you gotta do. Game starts at 7 PM that means the temperature could easily be below zero IF this forecst verifies.

My mind is a messy maze of models changing and rearranging all day long and thoughts on cities that maybe we should move to that get more winter weather or a trip to visit a child where it actually snows. I do miss them, not just the weather but hey it's a two for one deal LOL.  Seriously Denver is frigid and it's an icy wind that blows in the Winter. I want to see my backyard covered in fluffy white stuff turning everything into a winter wonderland! And, it will snow in Raleigh this winter.....right???  

Enough of my whining.

We will see what we will see tomorrow. Know if you are in a warned area, you could lose power and hopefully nothing worse! And, there are whispers of cold weather on the way and it is way easier to get snow when the temperatures are working in your favor. But please stay prepared........

Stay tuned. I'll update later today or tonight I think depending on how models shake out, hopefully consistently. Stay safe, stay aware and thanks for reading.

Sweet (whatever weather you want most) dreams,
@bobbistorm on Twitter

Great song... wait for it.
Don't blink.
Good advice.
Enjoy the moments and the minutes.
The hours and the years.
And that morning it snowed ....
...and the hurricane that roared like a lion in pain.
The hail storm you saw at 7 and fell in love...
...with wild weather!


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