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Sunday, January 14, 2024

Frozen in Texas and Iowa - Cold in the Carolinas. Are You Still in Winter Mode or........Dreaming of Sring? As For Me... You Know I Want SNOW!


Just about says it all.
The Volcano finally blew.
Blizzard and Polar Vortex appeared.
It's cold in Texas......

Red is NOT hot on the map above!
Magenta Purple OMG FROZEN
So cold, below zero.

Listen it's Winter. It's either way too cold in some places or people are complaining it's not cold enough and there's no snow. Or people plod along waiting for Spring. The Dollar Store, our barometer of time and which holiday is next is filled with Valentines Day candy and decorations and to me that's a hop, skip and a jump away from Spring. 

Personally I'm staying in Winter with the hope I see snow locally if not by taking a trip somewhere. 

I'm not going to talk on very, very long range discussions on the hurricane season. Football is coming to a cold crescendo of conflict resolution as the teams in the Play Offs get their chance to go the distance to the Super Bowl which these days is way too deep into Winter considering Football is considered a Fall Sport!

I'm packing, on the road to Charlotte for a few days. Not sure if that's my Sister City (Queen City) or my 2nd City these days as I'm there more than even in Miami yet Miami is still my second screen on my iPhone weather App. The models don't agree as always, so I'm just hanging on watching in real time trying to figure out how much warm weather clothes I'll need!

If you're in Texas.............stay warm .... pretty please!!

I have a son in Colorado who lived in Iowa and I'm thinking about now he feels like he's back in Iowa.

As for the Frozen Iowa Primary..........I imagine the people who are healthiest and most enthused about their particular candidate will find a way to go and vote. The candidates who haven't been able to figure out which way they want to vote will probably stay home. Time will tell.

Brrrrrr   !!!

Looks like a season in hell for candidates....
Unless they really, really love cold weather.

Sweet tropical dreams........
.........Sweet Snowy Dreams!

I'd even take some random flurries in the air...
...dancing, teasing me.
Maybe this weekend will show snow.
Who knows?

@bobbistorm on Twitter

Gaylord is deep in Snow....


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