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Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Deja Vu Winter - Same Set Up Rinse & Repeat. Does February Break the Pattern? Valentines Day Storm? Maybe.......


This singature is getting old. Texas prob thinks so too!

Weather turns left at the mountains.

I think it was 72 degrees today.

January Thaw they used to call it.

NC Mets are talking weather history.

Every Met has shown an image of...
"Remember When"

Meanwhile models on show Thunderstorms.

Normally I love severe weather and thunderstorms... Spring and Summer.
January 28th.... no.

We will see.

Many people online have been looking forward to the Hurricane Season, showing early preliminary reports and thoughts on possible patterns and I gotta tell you if this was late March I'd be all over it but no, not in January. I mean Lord we haven't even had the Super Bowl, we still have football going on.

Staycation was nice, my husband's home now and I'm doing doing all the little "to do" things on my To Do List! I'm a Capricorn, when all else fails take stuff apart and reorganize it. It's to us what an all night party is for a Leo. I was married to a Leo, it didn't work out. But it was a lot of fun especially in LA always running on the move while I carefully studied every fault line between San Francisco and San Diego. No hurricanes, not much weather except for THAT EL NINO which caused flooding and oh the Santa Ana Winds.

I've made peace with myself on the lack of snow this winter. I may take a vacation, out of town and not Southbound on I95. A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!

Right about here I want to say something about the parts of the country that got way too much Ice.

Dear Arkansas.... I'm sorry, that's a lot of Ice. Yes, I like Ice in Raleigh but we haven't had a real ICE Storm since I've been here and we just get a glaze of ice. that melts really fast.  Stay safe.

Dear Florida........I'm sorry it's been so cold you had to wear a sweater on rare occasions at night.

Dear the Rest of the Country..........I'll make a deal with you. Send me the Winter Weather and I'll pray you get a sweet early Spring with little flowers busting out all over. 

55 days til Spring, though wouldn't be surprised if it comes early but time will tell.

In the old days they called this the January Thaw. Remember it was a chilly 15 degrees round these parts a few nights ago. Locals call this North Carolina Bi Polar Winter. 

So hang in there.

February 12th, 2014 was the infamous Snow Storm that made Raleigh famous on the Internet as everyone and their brother created Memes about what happens when it snows in the South. To be fair it's a very high hill, a steep incline and the street froze like ice at the beginning so the street turned into a Winter Luge Event! Kind of like in that movie where the Jamaicans had to learn how to Bob Sled! Bobsled? Bob Sleigh Team?

I'm a Miami girl living in North Carolina what do I really know about sledding? I did it once in Maine with my best friend Sharon :) whoosh down the hill in 1 degree weather in January!

Check back again soon. I'm not writing yet on the 2024 Hurricane Season.  The first storm name though is Alberto! The windows are open tonight (and all day) and I'm wearing a light summer dress with leggings to an event tonight somewhere. Go with the flow. When life gives you warm weather in January, enjoy it! It won't last and usually Winter snaps back with a surprise that no one saw coming.  

Sweet ....whatever you want.......Dreams,
@bobbistorm on Twitter


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