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Friday, December 29, 2023

Where's the Weather? Lots of Places.......IF NOT BY YOU........Wait a While It'll Find You in 2024!!


Strong waves in California. Ventura California.

Ventura, the city not the road in LA, has a beautiful beach.
Cove like beach. I know it well.

Long time readers here know I lived in LA for a long time back when and my Aunt lived in Santa Barbara so we used to drive up there once in a while to visit and Ventura is a landmark of sorts to me. 

California coastline is beautiful!
Best ride ver down Pacific Coast Highway...
..from Santa Barbara to LA
By way of Malibu at sunset!

Note the huge feed slamming into California
Then the bright blue line up from EPAC ...
...into Florida.

This set up in California not going away.

As for the East Coast.
If you want snow.
Go to West Virginia!

This is from Mitch West Weather.
He's a friend and he's good at what he does.
Or wait til the snow comes to you!

This was an image Weatherman Plus showed.
Someone I enjoy following on YouTube
Canadian model I believe.
Yes it shows me what I want to see...
...but Canadian model should know winter wxr ;)
I'm not desperate but I am needy LOL snow wise!

We are not a week into Winter and I've heard "weather is boring this year" and "weather is a no show this year" and these are the same voices that tell people not to worry on hurricane season as it's June and July and nothing has formed and then some Andrew like storm forms in August. That's what happens when you get fog instead of snowflakes. And, yet the fog the other day was so pervasive that not only was the South socked in.... it went up the East Coast in places to Cape Cod! Fog blanketed India and in Turkey there was a horrific pile up of cars. Not sure I've seen a fog event across such a large part of the world.

Weather is generally locational, I always say that. Winter has shown it's face in areas that get an early winter. I lived in NYC and there are years you wait and wait through December and into January and mid January it snows and there's diry, crusty snow and frozen ponds in parking lots for weeks after that. My 2 year old grandson in Hollywood, Florida had recess on a balcony looking out today at a flooded parking lot, they had a lesson in "rain" and sang "rain songs" LOL but it's good to go with the flow sometimes.

Let's wait until February 2024 before we call the whole thing off :)

Have a great weekend! 

Enjoy Life!

Party or rest or do whatever you like doing the most on New Year's Eve!

Will most likely post on Sunday but in case I'm busy or you'll busy... have a wonderful new year.

Besos BobbiStorm

@bobbistorm on Twitter

I remember the first time I downloaded a satellite loop onto my old fashioned PC and was in awe!! A NASA NOAA site was on my monitor (even if it took forever to load) and I can still here the AOL sound that played while the lil running man ran and I prayed it would connect. I remember writing letters to friends who lived in a different city and I now have 8 messages from various kids wishing me Good Shabbos and Happy Birthday on my phone as I type a post to send on my laptop. Photos of grandchildren on a phone I rarely ever use to make a phone call but to check my Twitter.

Hoping for revealed miracles, good times and health for those I love in 2024!



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