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Thursday, December 28, 2023

Weather on the Move.......... Winter Returns! If U Go to Key West This Weekend Pack the Socks & a Sweater. Cold Someone in the South Get Surprise Snow Flakes??? And, in the MTNS SNOW January Winter Storm Possibilities!!


System in the East on the Move
Tapping into GOM energy

Phil Ferro shows that could be a problem.
It will be a problem.
It is a problem.

Dry air is pushing into the GOM
But it leads with severe weather

Cold Weekend.
Cold for Floridians
We do so love to wear our Winter clothes.
We live in hoodies as the AC is kept cold
But once it dips below 60...
...that's frigid weather in South Florida.

Further up the road in Tampa
It'll be in the 40s.
Fire Pit weather there!!

So in theory the fog in Raleigh where I actually live is forecast to move out and the sun may be visible later today. It was a cold fog, not a picturesque fog in Santa Monica obscuring the end of the pier. I lived there in the previous century (haha my Grandma Mary used to say that referring to that time before she was born...) but it's true it was a long time ago. I know fog, I've seen it roll in at warp speed the back yard disapearing in real time!! And, honestly fog is popular in the Carolinas in December. The first time I drove into NC in December with my then fiance and youngest daughter and a friend we drove through vague, heavy fog from North Florida all the way into North Carolina. I drove into Charlotte with my then fiance and couldn't see the city until the sun rose the next morning. In December we wait for snow, we wish for snow and we get fog and stuck cold fronts that don't want to go anywhere... like of like a sleepy old bear that wants to be left alone. 

As for next week and snow possibilities, they are there though some may get a few surprise flakes in the south this weekend. Fast moving system once the cut off low, the upper level low that has been stuck in the middle of the country makes some sort of tango like moves and then races off and out to sea...up the coast, away, gone. And, then there's all the speculation about snow caused my models that seem to want snow as much as the rest of us do. 

North Carolina is a funny place, it's divided between the locals who enjoy snow and all the people who moved up from Florida who shop at Publix (now here) and expecting to get snow flakes every year! Then there's the people from Up North (places like NY Boston Buffalo) who move down "South" but missed the part about it being NORTH Carolina and get all pissy when it snows as they thought they were getting warm tropical weather...........I always wonder did they not research this well??? Like why not move down to Jacksonville, Florida if you want snowless winters?? They complain... "kvetch" (something New Yorkers do regardless of their religion it's a demographic thing.... that snow is falling from the sky. They want Spring and Fall but NOT Winter. 

I want Winter.

Watching Cantore do his thing this morning and he's on the money and enjoying himself with actual weather to talk about as he shows people who to read the water vapor loop! He's a National Treasure and pretty much the only reason I still watch TWC when in a mood like I am today. Love the way he knows geography and maps too! 

If you're going to Key West this weekend.
Grab some sweaters and socks!

After a very cold winter in Raleigh, I went down to Miami in February probably to meet with teachers as I still had 2 kids in high school down there living with family and I ran down to Key West for a night to hang out with my friends.... "to wake up in Key West" as Stuart would say when he'd cajole me to drive down with him as he was going home to what felt like my second home at times and visit Tom who lived by the Gulf not far from where Jimmy Buffett once did....  I woke up, grabbed some change for a cafecito and my phone to take sunrise photos and "OH MY GOD IT WAS FREEZING" and suddenly I realized I had no socks... a light weight hoodie I lived in everywhere I went but no socks. Wandered around trying to buy a pair of socks while I was out wandering around. I spent a crazy fortune in CVS or 7-11 for a pair of "winter socks" lol and I never made that mistake again. I miss Tom and Stuart... they both passed away too young from cancer. Cancer Sucks. 

Key West is awesome in any weather.....but if it's a cold winter.... trust me, pack some socks! You're toes will be freezing ... if you are wearing flip flops!

37 degrees tonight in Raleigh! Love it! Clear Skies. Pawley's Island is my new Key West up in the Carolinas.  

Sweet Snowy Dreams,

For those who love Jimmy....
...and Key West for the holidays.

Why does this sound like Sleepless in Seattle?
Have to think on that late.
Have places to go.

Thanks for reading along.........
...and your patience.
And everything else.


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