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Monday, December 11, 2023

Tornado Weather in December. Non Tropical Coastal Low Down the Road....Where's the Snow?

Everyone asking about the non tropical low.
off the SE coast... maybe.
Georgia included.
Off shore?
So many questions.

December Tornado Weather.
Clash of seasons?
Above is the image that got to me....
... huge trees slicing through homes.
Only an EF1 but tons of damage.
Blessedly no deaths....

Sadly 6 people died in Clarksville TN
2 children I heard.
Breaks your heart anytime...
..always hurts more during the holidays.
Not much to say but.....
....let's hope we move into Winter Weather.
And leave what looks like Tornado Season behind.

We drove through the weather...which was bad, a total white out most of the way which makes for not a very photogrenic experience. We saw many trees down but nothing horrible, several cars that spun out or were in a ditch on the highway as we traveled on through the blinding rain. Clouds were low, very low and as we crossed a small creek the "fog" like clouds floated above the surface, everything very Wintry looking though there was blinding rain not snow. 

It was an experience, no lightning, no tornadoes, no wall clouds just one low cloak of thick grayness and you could barely see the cars in front of us on the road when the storms were strongest. And, they moved fast like squall lines in Florida so as soon as one ended, a new one began. Loved it, being honest.

The concert was awesome. I danced a lot. So much. Bouncy, happy, fun music.

Fun to have fun !!

That's it for now.
I'll update tomorrow on more better models (as we say Down South) and try to pin down what there will be a week from now as a non-tropical coastal low is forecast to be offshore when we are heading back North towards the Carolinas.

Thanks for your patience while I'm on vacation... in Charlotte NC currently!

Sweet Snowy Dreams (being honest)
Maybe turning the calendar to 2024 will do the trick?

@bobbistorm on Twitter
Ps excuse any on vacation and want to catch sunset!


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