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Sunday, December 10, 2023

Severe Weather Day After Deadly Tornadoes in Tennessee Yesterday. On the Road........On Vacation. I'll Update Later. Chasing Weather and Fun!


Everyone in it today.
Not escaping this line of storms.
And, I'm headed into it soon.
Packed for the trip.
That coincides with the big weather day.
Of course...

Problem with going to is... doesn't show the warnings until they happend.

Headed to a Nissim Black concert.
You can google that or watch here.

Get me through the stormy weather to Charlotte ...
My husband surprised me with tickets to the concert.
Sweet, a real treat for me.
He's a great singer and inspirational!
I could use inspiration ...
...he's like a spiritual muse, get it?
Private joke.

But seriously.
After Shabbos turned on the TWC
It was very sad to see the news.
The line of storms definitely over produced.
What will they do today?
Hard to say ...much depends on timing.

Following Brad Panovitch and Allan Huffman today.
From the road...packed and ready to go.

Quick blog to say I'm on vacation and out and about in various places. Hurricane Season is behind us, Winter is so close I can almost touch it. Greensboro might get snow flakes tonight, but I'll be in Charlotte. Between Raleigh and Charlotte is the nasty line of storms that caused at least 6 deaths and and displaced many in the Clarksville, Tennessee area last night. Weather happens everywhere along a line of severe storms and it's truly a "Finger of God" set up as to who sees a tornado and who sees rain that isn't as strong as expected. This system in general brings the threat of severe winds, so hold onto your hats, menorahs, lawn ornaments and hope for the best that you avoid the worst and your blow up Santa doesn't take flight in the wind.

Holiday time is a beautiful time, as places are festively decorated and in general most of us wish each other tidings of good will and happiness. At least I do. Sadly sometimes the switch over to winter brings wilder storms and a kinky Jet Stream that delivers violent, wild storms.

Yesterday I sat in my big walk in closet going through some old journals that I didn't realize I had still. Oh my goodness. Wow was I funny back when... so funny that as I was reading it I cracked up laughing and as I turned the page and it literally said "LOL that is so funny I'm laughing" and the funniest part was I was still laughing all these years later. I had a friend who used to disguise himself as a woman, you know like the movie Mrs. Doubtfire style, a bit of a stalker and I wrote "gosh I wish she was a man" and then I remembered she was a man and I couldn't stop laughing. I'm so good at acting I often forget what's real when in that mode of going along with the show. And, last night as I read what I wrote I cracked up laughing again and couldn't stop. Writers, actors, artists and producer/directors are all very out of the box in the way they think and live life. I've been blessed to be in the eye of the storm of totally silly nonsense at times in my life. At the time it was driving me crazy (literally) as obvious by the ten pages I must have written late at night once upon a time, but it was fun and it was funny and it's still makes me smile.

Life is good now. A bit boring in Raleigh, but boring is possibly good at times. Going to Florida soon and nothing is ever boring in Florida, not with my family and my friends. 

There's a tornado warning in Quincy, Florida and that's one of the stops on my family's hit parade of places we historically lived in Florida. We owned lots of tobacco farms though my Grandma Mary the real Southern Belle in the family called them "tobacco plantations" but I guess when she grew up that's what they were called as it wasn't politically incorrect then. I will say the KKK did try and burn down the farms as they were getting the higher price at the market, but the daughter of the KKK Grand Dragon and my Grandma who were best friends and watching through the floor boards in the building where they were having a meeting and the daughter of the Grand Dragon said to Grandma Mary "we have to go warn your family" and so they ran across the fields, waking the people who lived and worked there and everyone finished picking the last of the tobacco before they rode in on their horses in the dark of the night with torches lit up to set the tobacco fields on fire. Most had been picked and was on the way to market but still they tried. My grandma and her best friend running through the fields. Is that crazy or what. True story. I'm guessing Grandma Mary was happy to go back to Tampa after that visit to see her much older sister where the family mostly lived even if they did have thunderstorms that at times came in through the fireplace and danced around the house which happened more than once. Tampa beats Miami for lightning.

As for me I'll packing up the computer and on the road soon,  I may or may not see violent weather but either way I will see weather. And, hopefully things will be calm in Charlotte... calm, fun and it has become my second home city in North Carolina. 

May y'all stay safe from floods, tornadoes and wild weather and may you be blessed with snowflakes falling and or fair weather if that's really, really what you want.

What do you really, really want? This is a really an exercise this morning in writing for me as I wanted to see if I could write with abandon the way I used to when I started this blog when no one read it except for my weather friends and my writing friends.

In theory .... l'll update the blog tonight regarding what kind of severe weather I was able to catch or caught me as we drove to Charlotte. I have a granddaughter named Charlotte. Okay a lot of people do, it's a popular name these days but hopefully I'll be in Florida soon visiting Charlotte and Olivia and Harel, Gavriel and Eitan. And, hopefully getting a tour of historic homes in Miami Shores from my son Zalmy.

Take care, wish me well and I'll write more when there's more to say but for now I'm on the road! Chasing weather, chasing Chanukah concerts, shopping in Charlotte as it's way more fun than Raleigh and then Southbound!

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbiStorm on Twitter and Instagram
Twitter mostly weather and Instagram seriously whatever.

Ps What do I really really want? 
I want weather, I want snow for my birthday later in the month when back in NC and a safe, fun time. I want to see my best friend Malka and my family. I want to spend the night in Savannah either coming or going. Friends are important, friendship never ends.


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