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Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Gale Force Low Forming? A Low is Forming? Where and When Dictates Who Gets What. NHC Not Blinking Yet.... NWS Covers It. Find Your Expert and Enjoy the Weather....


From Zoom Earth..... Zoomed In

Florida socked in under cloud cover.

An old front is stalled out.

Normally this is where I'd ask what often forms at the tail end of an old frontal boundary. You'd all say "a low pressure system" or a "hurricane" and the answer this time is yes a low pressure system, a LOW forms. Could it be tropical? There might be a line in Vegas on the odds but there is a chance but it's a slim chance and once this Low forms it will zoom North fast. But between now and then it's going to be a whole lotta rain for Florida and that includes the Florida Keys so if you booked a trip to see the holiday lights on the palm trees on Duval Street know it also floods there when it rains heavy so... sorry about that. Go inside Margaritaville and have a drink and listen to the music and pretend it doesn't look like a tropical storm outside. There's probably a Tropical Storm drink you can order on the menu ;)

This is Saturday and Sunday.
Where this Low sets up is everything.
But still everyone gets rain.
Rain vs Gale Force Gusts and Squalls??
Which is it?

Then down the road the cold front goes through.
And it gets cold.
Northern end of this system gets it's own weather.
Location dictates the type of impacts.

Red is not a good color here.
Hoping S FL sees less.
I want to see the weather and feel it.
Especially by the water, the clouds.
I want to see squalls and sheets of rain.
But also want to hang out a bit outside.
Time will tell.

On the road again as the song goes. Not in Miami for a long time, long enough to see the storm and hopefully various kids, grandkids and friends. My kids are vibrant, busy and don't all live in one area as some live out in the suburbs built around cute little lakes that used to be part of the Everglades in Broward... others live closer in to I95 in Hallendale/Hollywood that is now mostly young artsy types vs the elderly Canadian Snow Birds of my youth. Then some live down by the river downtown by the bay and Coral Gables. I'm a moving target when in South Florida. 

As for the evolution of the No Name Storm aka LOW (with gusty, gale force winds) cruising along with a free trip ticket from El Nino juicing up the Southern Jet.... if you live there and want to know what will happen to you then it's best to listen to your local experts. I say this often, it's true they know which areas usually flood or what your specific impacts will be.

Online hypesters will scream HURRICANE FORCE LOW or WILD WEATHER IN WALDO FLORIDA and I'm not saying there won't be wild weather and I'll remind you the No Name Storm had tropical storm force intensity in places but follow your local NWS, your local weather experts and pay attention in real time to alerts from your weather apps. If you follow me you have weather apps.

Next 12 hours in Central Florida.
That's where I'll be for a while.

As I said in this Tweet or Post whichever you prefer. Mike from Mikes Weather Page covers it all, but he's in the Tampa area and pays close attention to local weather there, Eric Burris is in Central Florida he does an online Morning update as well. Phil Ferro is my go to expert in the Miami/FLL area and my buddy Dabuh lives in Jax but if you can decipher his musical mystery clues you'll see the whole wide picture and get some good music along the way. He is my personal Music Man for sure....

I'll be on the road today and down in South Florida later today through the weekend, watching weather and seeing family and friends. 

Lastly regarding the NHC they as of now are not following this and would in theory only do so if it looked as if it might become tropical or even subtropical. When you go to their page as seen below, don't just leave as there's nothing there but click on the Gulf of Mexico and it'll bring up options you can put in with various parameters for wind, surf, gusts,'s a wonderful array of choices and many people don't click on the link to that hidden treasure.

On the surface looks like nothing going on.
Click on "Gulf of Mexico"
Then hit boxes on the left.
And you see what the weather will be...
..what your concerns may be.

Gusty Winds
Gale Force Winds
High Seas

Marine Warnings, etc.
Check your boxes.
As always you have to go inside on NHC page.

And as always weather evolves in real time.
I'll update as needed.
I'll be on X aka Twitter often.

Stay ahead of the every changing weather.
Keep phones charged and use them often.
Keep weather alerts on and pay attention.

More later from Miami.

Sweet Stormy Dreams,
@bobbistom on Twitter for weather.
Instagram not so much weather these days.

Speaking of an expert in music in the tropics


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