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Friday, December 15, 2023

Developing Storm in GOM - Florida Wind Event of 2023 - Transforms Into Winter Storm Up North? It'll Be Remembered as That Storm in December of 2023 Over Time.


This is the culprit on Florida Radar.

This massive moisture feed Eastbound from GOM
ENE   ish.
It's a nonstop surge ....
...and winds are blowing here non stop

Storm has not formed.
Again this is a Wind Event.
Pressure Gradient 

This is Sunday
Low is centered over Florida.
Forms .... and on the move.

The story is this...after reading much NWS Discussion and looking at one is sure what will be down to exact details. It's evolving the way a Winter Storm evolves in real time, it's got a huge georgraphic signature currently like some sort of quasi hybrid storm or as we currently say a "Wind Event" but getting from A to B is a process ... a work in process. And from B to C (Up North Winter part) will be handed off to winter experts. 

@ContentWxGuy formerly known as Cranky.
Posts on X formerly known as Twitter.

Time will tell is the bottom line.

Once we move into real Winter...
Things should change.
This is like an early solstice storm
Tho Mother Nature may have another trick
up her sleeve

Stay tuned.

Going out...things to do...things to see in my black Victoria Secret's Hoodie over my clothes into the Wind Storm :) The party at the Yacht Club on the water on the bay is moved to a new wonderful location pretty and party like and protected from the wind and any possible storms. I'm not really sure any NWS forecast has nailed this down perfectly .... they mention if it is further South it will have stronger direct impacts in South Florida but it could also slam into the Tampa area but really does any storm do that? 

There will be no pink Bounce House at the Barbie Birthday Party earlier on Sunday for Miss Olivia ...

The storm should move out after the weekend.

I'll be on the road again Monday/Tuesday so.....will catch it once it's on the move again.

Heard some great news while here .... friend's son is engaged so there's a wedding coming up.  Saw my kids last night (some) and if anyone shows me another donut (Chanukah food) after Sunday I'll puke. Honest, pure and simple. This reminds me of when we sold Krispy Kreme Glazed Donuts as a Fundraiser in High School which made money but made me not eat a glazed donut for at least 20 years.....  I feel that way again! I don't care if it's purple with edible glitter or an edible pansy, no more donuts.

Much love
Watch this storm in real time.
Prepare as if you may have serious impacts.
Don't count anything out.
Prepare for the worst.
Hope for the best.

Enjoying the wind here.

Sweet Tropical/Snowy Dreams,
@bobbistorm on Twitter

Ps I just saw my daughter's gown for the Gala
Fundraising Event for Hatzalah
I want to steal it.. borrow it.
Oh my gosh.
Shh don't tell.


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