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Sunday, December 17, 2023

December Hybrid Storm Makes "Landfall" Near Where Idalia Did! Moving Fast. Serving Snow in Carolina Mtns on It's Back Side! Wild Stormy Night in S FL Last Night!

This No Name Storm made landfall...
...close to where Idalia did!
Seems the area is ripe for weather this year!

For brevity purposes here I'm showing a YouTube video below that I made of the Mimic Loop that always shows moisture content... this is a moisture laden Hybrid December Storm that also carries storm surge, high winds, severe weather and after it moves North fast there will be snow on the back side in the mountains of the Carolinas.  It's not the easiest sort of storm to forecast nor was it an easy storm to explain to the public. It's hard to convey the proper message needed to for peopel to prepare as it formed in real time and is a large, swirling, mass of dangerous weather. The NWS has had low confidence all week in it's forecast regarding who would get the worst of it and where it might even form and in the end it did form further North in the Gulf of Mexico making "landfall" if you can call it that North of Tampa yet serving storm surge last night along many low lying, beautiful beach towns.

Mike was out storm chasing as usual.

Regarding the storm surge from the Hybrid Storm...
Byran Bennett notes it was the 4th highest on recod.
Hurricane Idalia was higher but 4th place is huge.

Video of the Mimic...
Showing moisture and where it's going.
And it IS on the move !!

It doesn't have an eye.
It doesn't have a track.
It didn't have a Cone.

But it was the talk of the South all week!

3/4 of a Subtropical Storm ;)
Not enough to get a name.

Note how it's clearing out fast.
Winds are very strong on the back side.
So the clouds will finally go away 
But the wild weather will stay....
a while longer.

Screenshot of my laptop last night... I went to bed.
I fell asleep listening to the rain.
Heavy rain, thunder, lightning.
Stormy night ;)
Should be a windy day here later.

I was in Walnut Creek area over Shabbos (Saturday)'s a community filled with creeks, canals and lakes somewhere between Pemboke Pines and Hollywood, Florida where my oldset son lives and 3 other children live close by as well.  Shabbos was nice, as I had some quality time with kids and grandkids who I don't often see and my best friend Sharon's daughter was here with her husband and 3 girls. Sharon passed away last year, we were best friends,  we storm chased, partied and raised our kids together like one large quasi family at times. So spending time with her daughter was incredible and our granddaughters are best friends. Kind of wild. Life goes on. Sharon would have loved the wild weather yesterday as we watched trees twisting and shaking as if it was a tropical storm and rain came down in torrents into the lake behind the house as we ate lunch. 

Today I'm going to a Barbie Birthday Party for my 6 year old granddaughter Oliva! Yes, I have a dress with Barbie Pink Flowers on it! And, an appropriate pink looking gift! I get to see my oldest daughter Shayna there who is as much of a friend as a daughter and one of the best Aunt's a lil girl like Olivia can have. I'll also see several of the kids, grandkids and some of Olivia's friends. Tonight I'll be at a "end of the year party" given by my son Levi in the Grove near where I grew up! 

And theory...........we are leaving tomorrow morning, back on the road to the Carolina and where I will be watching, waiting for any signs of Winter Weather. 

My birthday is just before New Years... would be nice to see snow!

We will see what 2024 brings, but for now 2023 is still raging and I have places to go and people to see.

I'll update later when a good visible image of the No Name Hybrid Storm is out... it'll be good to be out of the rain.

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter 

Seriously hoping for blue skies...


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