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Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Bye Bye Hurricane Season & Fall ... Winter on the Way! Does It Really Snow Within 10 Days of Thunder in the Winter?


I think it's safe to say....
...Hurricane Season is Over.
Cold Air Diving DOWN
Towards Panama....

Yes Odd feature in Atlantic.

Front on steroids and a big swirl.

There was once a director at the NHC a while back that had a strange late season fetish for systems out near Portugal. But we have moved on and I have moved on so much I'm watching for snow possibilities, a chance beyond freezing my butt off at 2 AM staring up up into the night hoping to see a few stray snowflakes mixed in with rain illuminated by a streetlight in the darkness. That ship has sailed! Been there, done that and not doing it again and I mean really not doing that again.

I'm in Savannah, one of my favorite places in the whole darn world, awake and unable to sleep but in a good mood and decided to write early as I don't have to wait until the first morning visible. Which is good as when the sun gets up I'll be out exploring, staring at hanging moss which my Grandma Mary called Spanish Moss which is actually a distant relative of pineapples (go figure) and I'm a distant relative of Benjamin Sheftall who arrived in Savannah in 1733! It's obviously a long story. Nuff said, but happy to be here and yet still obsessing over when it may or may not snow in Raleigh.

Years ago when the Internet began.
I'd type into the brower:
Looking for the sunrise time.
I'm talking Nautical Sunrise.
Not just any ole sunrise.

I'm sure one of my writer friends or stalker friends suggested it as Google was not a thing then and my notebook was filled with weblinks scribbeled down carefully mostly with satellite imagery links. Nothing like watching Nautical Sunrise, being there for Twilight and waiting for the sun to come up shining. But, nowdays the site offers everything but dinner by Uber and as I didn't look it might be offering that as well. Above is the 14 day weather for Raleigh, to be taken with huge amounts of Maldon Smoked Sea Salt Flakes.... as opposed to snowflakes. It shows THUNDER on December 28th and when you hear thunder in the winter you count 10 days til snow flakes fall from the sky. Yes, that's a thing in the Carolinas!

There is actually a science to it. Let's say there's a pattern developing that will eventually produce a more than 50% chance of snow once the cold weather sets in and for snow lovers that's we take it. Better than flushing ice cubes down the toilet which is a child's way of hoping for snow. Link below on the "within 10 days it'll snow" theory. We can talk about the El Nino hyping up the Southern Jet another time along with Miller A, Miller B and even Miller C storms later as we get into real winter. 

Anyway..... the seemingly endless wind event in Miami finally ended, the sun came out and I got to enjoy a sunrise and blue skies as I was leaving town. I had a wonderful time at the Barbie Party after trying to wrap a large present with bright pink wrapping paper on the hood of a car in the wind. Needless to say while it was a good present it was for sure the worst wrapped present ever! 

That's Olivia Eden in pink.
Milo Ezra on the right.
Cutie grandkids!

Had pink cake, oreos and coca cola!

Later that night I had a cocktail party.
The Key Club in Coconut Grove.
Perfect for a Key Club Sweetheart lol...
...who grew up hanging out in the Grove.
Son had a client appreciate party ;)
Compass Realty, ask for Levi
In the Coconut Grove office!
To find your dream home in paradise.

That's a Guava drink ...because...
I'm from Miami!
Can't get that in Raleigh.

Have a great day.
Winter is on the way!

Sweet Winter Dreams,
@bobbistorm on Twitter 

Link to why it might snow in 10 days...
...after thunder in the Winter below


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