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Monday, November 20, 2023

Yellow Tropical Flavored Jelly Bellys Being Watched By NHC BUT.........Both Moving AWAY from Us. Fall Falling Into Winter. Danger Zone in the South When Seasons Collide. Mud Season... Mud Surfing...


Definite Maybe.... 
SW Carib moving West......
Mid Atlantic curves East.

Mother Nature was on a flooding rampage the last few days without any named storms. In the Caribbean there was extreme flooding in places that were in the Cone for PTC22 but without the winds expected.  In the MidEast Winter Rains began and flooding causes a mess in the desert when that happens, especially those first rains. Rivers of water mix with sand and become mud. I know this as years after my son was back he explained Mud Surfing and why he was so beat up often. Maine gets Mud....they actually have "Mud Rooms" on homes there because there's an actual Mud Season. In parts of the South people kind of do mud surfing I've been told. It's an extreme sport.... 

Hurricane Season is coming to a close..... NHC doing their thing monitoring anything they feel might form, far from South Florida....

It was 34 degrees this morning in Raleigh, beyond chilly and the fake fireplace is going in the bedroom. The sun is shining bright on the Maple Tree behind my house, outside my bedroom window. The sun is also shining on bark newly exposed as the leaves are falling and Fall is losing the battle as we slip into Winter. 

But weather problems never end!

I put on the TWC this morning.
I wanted to see Jim's thoughts on the storms today.
There's a strong chance for severe weather.
Tornadoes ...
M-T-W weather problems!

Anyone wanting to travel early tomorrow...
... may have to deal with dangerous weather.
At least in the SE.

I95 will be a messy ride if you're driving.
I can't even imagine flying this weekend...

So that's it for today.
Stay safe.
Pay attn to the Weather.
Plan your holiday carefully.
And, enjoy it!

Sweet Turkey Dreams,
@bobbistorm on Twitter 


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