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Monday, November 27, 2023

Tropics OFFICIALLY Quiet - Cool Air Filters Down - Great Lakes Snow & Thundersnow!


Nothing says official more than this image.
Officially quiet in ATL Tropical Basin.
November 30th last day of Hurricane Season.
Not to say other months get surprise Canes.
But generally it's over when it's over.

In the East the Great Lakes got Snow.
Kind of hogging the snow if you ask me.

If you click on that link...
or as my brother would say
"That thar link"
(he writes quirky Southern Lit)
You'll see Cantore quality dream thundsnow.

Twitter has lots of incredible snow images.

In my neck of the woods we are dreaming on Snow.
But snow is just in dreams today.

Enjoy that video.

Otherwise in my world I'm shopping during Cyber Monday for presents for my kids, a few grandkis, some best friends.... if not now when?

Someone is getting Natasha Denona eye shadow.
I might even treat myself to one on sale.

I'm gonna decorate.
Bought huge blue snowflakes for my windows.
I'll just pretend.
Use my imagination :)

Be well, I'll update soon.
Slowly getting back into the routine of life.
After taking a few weeks off.

Sweet tropical dreams.............
..........on snowy blizzard dreams

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My gosh thank you YouTube


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