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Friday, November 10, 2023

Caribbean Questions. GFS Always Ready to Party. Other Models ? Stay Tuned. If Anything Forms Cuba Would Need to Watch It. IF BRRR Cold in NORTH Carolina Today!


30% Yellow in the Carib.

I'll be honest, not all the models are excited about this system forming. But, the GFS "always ready to party" shows it moving NE towards the Eastern Tip of Cuba ...on the last run. Fantasyland time... GFS is a dreamer, sometimes it sees something other models see later as it goes out into the future further than most models. GFS is like a Disco Queen from the 80s staying up all night in platform heels partying at the Odyssesy Disco in LA. Fun place. But, seriously it's not enough to lock it in and say this will happen but it definitely could happen in some form. The image below is a week away. Again this is cruising NE out of the Carib on most models, but we don't have a system now and other models haven't shown an interest in the Comeback of Disco so...    know it's not ready for prime time yet.

Just convection in the Caribbean.

Look at that front.......

In my part of the world.......

Colorful, chilly and getting colder by the minute!

So while watching the tropics......
....I'm dreaming of snow!

Love ya all.........

Miami is wonderful ....
...but LA was awesome ;)


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