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Sunday, July 09, 2023

Tropics Sunday. Yellow Blob in ATL Could Be Subtropical ....Maybe... Stubborn Wave in MDR. Water Close in HEATING UP with all the Hot Record Breaking Temps.. ITCZ Dry as is Africa Currently. Shooting Off Weak Waves


20% in the Atlantic.
High up there....
...possibly a Subtropical.
7 day time frame.

It's common when the tropics are suppressed that energy goes elsewhere, where ever it can and usually something forms that tries to be Subtropical. Says a lot about the season if it is iffy it forms, I mean if it's iffy it forms it says something that you're all missing about the signals the tropics are sending us. 

GFS sees this happening.
Yes, off to the see the lizard... 
EURO plays with it but not as much.
Typical, right?

Take another look at the basin here as a whole.
Don't look for your favorite wave.
Don't look at your part of the world.
Look at the ITCZ ...
..a thin blue line with very little yellor or orane.
That's a very flat signal.
Is it dead or just playing possum?

Taking this Tweet as an example.
Yes the old tweet showed all the SAL.
But Africa is fairly dry for July!

What happened to all those beautiful waves?

That's like.... trying to sew but you are out of thread!
Yarn drawer is empty.
Can't color without crayons.

Yes Shear is there....
SAL is there....
But there's no there ...there right now!

Stubborn wave....
...but don't see many others coming off now.

Time will tell.

It's just a matter of time.
May take a lot of time...for real tropical action.
Subtropical possibly.

For now this is the tropics.

An illusion or a sign of things to come in?
Mother Nature drawing doodling?
A strong wave in the MDR 
Crushed wave further WNW of it.
Moisture in SW Carib.

This is the real story.
Heat Index Map.
See link below.
When you have this much heat...
..the water heats up close in.
Mother Nature doesn't like a vacuum.
Something will form.
Seasons full of weak storms often lead to...
... bad storms. 
Suddenly a Major Hurricane.

Remember that... 

Have a good day!
Enjoy the weather...
Probabably'll rain by me.
That's how I'd say it.
Gonna rain.
Summer rain.
Weak front slaming into hot weather.
Creates friction... creates drama.
Night time temps may go down a degree.

And Don might form or Emily in ATL
Moving towards Portugal.
Not very tropical is it?

And yet......
...promises of a dozen more named storms.
And MAJORS predicted.
I'll wait til I see it.
Lost of weak storms probably.
Eventually Mother Nature will produce a Major.
Not forecasting just talking Climo.

Suppressed ITCZ
Oh and that warm water went poof.
Or is going poof as MDR not as hot now.

Slice of the ITCZ anomaly map currently.
Not so anomalously hot anymore in MDR.
Stay tuned. 
No longer June.
June too soon.
July stand by.
August come it must!

July map...remember that!
Tomorrow will talk on water temperatures...
... heating up.

Besos BobbiStorm
@Bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram
on Threads too @bobbistorm.

Twitter mostly weather 
Instagram whatever
Threads... time will tell.

Link to the heat indexes if u really want to know...


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