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Wednesday, July 05, 2023

Tropics Quiet. Sun is HOT. SAL Making Things Crazy, Hazy and Lazy.... Dog Days of Summer... Tampa Bay Breaks All Time Hot Record Yesterday!


Listening to Mike. I do that.
Old habit in the morning.... 
So using this graphic as it tells the whole story.
SAL = Saharan Dust.
July = SAL
Zero happening.

Add in Shear but not going there today.

There's an ULL to the E of Florida.
There's an ULL to the W of Florida
(forming in the GOM)
July = tracking Upper Level Lows.

Yes, you are so right (especially long time fans of this blog) I'm in a mood. I'm NOT a fan of HOT and it's HOT every day, all day, every way it can be hot. In North Carolina we have a certain type of hot that feels closer to hell than other places, though my brother in Miami would argue with me as he sends me the temperature in his car every time he gets in it with a rant about "why does he live here" and it's a good question but I know the answer. Once past the heat of July and the fear and drama of the Hurricane Season ... Miami area is like a tropical heaven on Earth and there's things to do and places to go from late November through about April and then the heavy hot days of May begin as the rainy season shows up daily at 3 PM.

I'm going down to Florida soon or as I like to think of it "getting out of Raleigh for a week or so" as I need a break, I need to breathe and I need to be out on the open road like my crazy friend would understand. He says getting out on the road clears the head and Lord knows it's not easy for writer's to clear our messy heads. 

Cicadas and crickets making me crazy.

And you're right there's nothing to track this time of year except afternoon thunderstorms and possibiliies of severe weather that rarely appears when the local mets promise it will. No cold fronts. No hurricanes. 

Not much to talk about here.

In the BOC.... SW GOM there's a blob.
Looks good on satellite imagery.
But nothing really there.
Small purple dot fades away tomorrow.
Note EPAC is hot in July.
Often disrupts the energy there.
There's a mug you can buy on Mike's site.
For tracking blobs.
Good mug for July

For tracking blobs this is next 48 hours.
Coast of Carolina and Africa!

EPAC Hot we are not.
But something to watch.
Always watch areas close in when it's slow.

Lastly Tampa Bay hit records this week for all time high temperatures and what was interesting and worth  mentioning is that the year 1998 came up twice for the hottest day ever in Tampa Bay recorded history. 

1998 was a slow start to the Hurricane Season.
A season to remember in the Florida Keys.
Key West slammed by Hurricane Georges in September.
Remember September! 
As the rhyme goes.

Georges and Mitch punctuated the season.

Stay tuned....'s not over.
It's just July...

Find some AC
Find some Ice Cream
Find some Iced Tea.

Or if you like enjoy the heat.

Sweet Tropical Dreams,
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram
Twitter mostly weather and Instagram whatever.
This is for Mike... 
.....because he's the King of Somewhere Hot today


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