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Sunday, July 16, 2023

Tropics Quiet. Don a Subtropical Depression Looping in the Atlantic. Models Quiet. Stay Hydrated Because It's Hot, Hot, Hot


Don is not much today. Subtropical Depression.

They have done pull the plug on Don.
Now Subtropical Depression Don.

Today everyone is talking about the heat.
Possibly the hottest day in US...
...since last year.
Hot, hot, hot.

How long does it last?
Everyone is guessing.
I'd say a week to 10 days.
Then pattern breaks.
Pray it's earlier.

Went for a sunrise cruise this morning.
On my son's boat.
pastel pretty colors.
fresh air.
skyline views.
Docked at Montys in Coconut Grove..
..went to Starbucks for drinks.
went back up the water way
Had Vodka and Bobka for a snack.
Nice morning.
Jam packed day with family events.
At different places....

Clouds are climbing high up in the sky threatening to rain later on someone's parade. Models are not very promising though of course there's always that wave that hasn't shown it's face over Africa yet that models like. Yeah, been here done that before.

I'm going out. Just checking in to say nothing is going on... Nada... Nothing. 

Stay tuned. Stay hydrated.
In South Africa they've had a cold winter and had snow for the first time in 10 years!
Somewhere, someone is always breaking a record, especially in 2023.

Oh there was a large earthquake in Alaska.

Busy day. Earth rocking and rolling.
But not spinning tropically.
So be back tomorrow...

Sweet Tropical Dreams,
@bobbistorm on Twitter, Instagram and Threads...
Twitter mostly weather, others weather and whatever.

Have a birthday party for a 4 year old...
one more candle and another trip around the sun.

Don just doodling....


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