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Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Record Breaking Heat. Season in Hell aka Summer 2023 - Can You Hear Me Now?? El Nino and Hurricane Season 2023 Where Anything Goes


50% chances in the 7 day. 
40% in the 2 day.
This could become Don.
Could, time will tell.

This is really a complicated mess as this stubborn wanna be storm tries to find a place it can develop and then it tries to find a direction it can move in as High Pressure moves around ....oozing around in tandem with the system blocking it from moving into any specific direction in the short term. And, that's why the models look kind of silly.

Even a scramling quarterback would have problems.

And, yes it does go South at some point.

Out West we have Calvin in the EPAC.
A nice but strange name for a Tropical Storm.

Well that one is predictable!!

This is a long, hot summer. It's normal for summertime to be hot, not as hot as this one in some places but it is all about hot, humid weather. There's been a lot of complaining this year about the heat, but in truth in some places it was a cool May with early June cool also. There wasn't much of a transition from "wow, it's been nice and cool" to "OH MY GOD IT'S BROLING OUT THERE!!!" and that made it seem even hotter than normal at least for me.

Record "feels like" temperatures have been high due to very high humidity in the South (common) and Texas is well.....when a pattern such as this becomes the common every day it's a season in Hell literally. 

The flooding in the NE is heartbreaking and I've retweeted videos online but not posting them here. They are simply too heartbreaking and an Epic reminder that Summer can descend about the country and shower it with misery from deadly lightning strikes to flash floods to walls of mud and rocks burying homes, towns and knocking out the infrastructure. The truck and the owner of this truck's home is sumberged, stuck in what the floods left behind. 

Odd this summer began with I-95 being shut down near Philadelphia when a truck and an a firey explosion took out a vital bridge in the highway that literally drives the East Coast both financially and otherwise. It's been one thing after another for the last month. Heat Indexes are off the charts, breaking records and yet the tropics are fairly quiet, after a shallow short start they went flat.  We won't even discuss the Canadian fires and smoke that cloaked large parts of the country.

What could change that?

First we need to see what the Bermuda High looks like when Invest 94L aka probably Don is done with it!  How the High in the Atlantic sets up during Hurricane Season says much about how fast the storms will move, if there's an opening or if the High keeps them Westbound towards the Islands and our part of the world. 

And, current a huge high pressure dome is set up across a good part of the East Coast spreading out towards Texas like a kid that sleeps restlessly taking up the whole bed. And, why is that a problem? Normally when High Pressure sets up a "dome" across a good part of the country it leads to something developing eventually to the South of it. Not always as years where there's shear inhibit this sort of development. But if there is anything that can get into place in a place where shear is a bit lighter close in.... something could spark tropically and develop. Maybe it'll be a long tracking wave that found itself in a sweet spot or something close in that spins up. But something usually happens. 

One way or the other ... in most parts of the country Summer has an expiration date. And we move on to the next season. 

Currently waiting for Hurricane Season to really do something!

Til then stay cool any way you can. Take an ice cube, roll it around your neck, your face, your chin, the back of your neck slowly and let the ice melt and trust me it'll cool you off. That's an old school way if your AC doesn't seem to be working as well as it used to!!

Stay hydrated and remember to pay attention to FLAGS at the beach and do NOT swim where you see Double Flags warning people away, heed the warnings. Find a pool, find a bathtub, use the lawn hose or sit in front of an AC or a fan and try the ice cube trick ;)

I'm in Savannah.
On Vacation.
Watched sunset with drinks on the rooftop.
Just so beautiful.

Hanging out here a bit.
Eventually headed Southbound.
People to see and things to do.

Love ya all!
Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter, Instagram and Threads.


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