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Wednesday, April 05, 2023

Tornado Warnings on the Maps... Severe Weather Season .... But.... Models Keep Showing Lows Off SE Coast/FL ... PreSeason Wannabes

This is today, Wednesday....
Severe Weather out where it looks like a Tornado..
From high up on a sat image.
Texas up thru Mississippi River Valley.
Out in the Tropics.... fluff and stuff there.

Models show something could spin up.
Off Florida Coast.
Off SE Coast.
GOM near Panhandle.

A congregation of various meteorologial conditions might make it ripe to come together and form into a Low. Some models (usually the GFS) show something forms off shore (pick a shore) and eventually fronts take it out to sea.........if it forms. This is that time of year when Wannabes form on models and vanish in real time. Could Arlene form early? Yes. Will it do so this week? Probably not... or next. But patterns exist and over time something sort of comes together.

You'll see things like this posted.

One model run it's there...then not.
Then pops up somewhere else!!
What is worth remembering is this...'s extremely hot in South Florida.
Water will be heating up fast this year.

Heat Index.
I know because my brother texts me.
Every time he gets in his car :(
He's in the car a lot....

Still Tornado Season.
April is Prime Time Tornado Time.


Long day today ahead of us....
...while thinking on what you need for Hurricane Season.
Don't forget to pay attn to your daily weather!

Mississippi Ohio River Valley is Hot today.
Hot for Tornadoes!
But start making lists for what you need...
..for Hurricane Season down the road.

I'll be offline til Saturday evening for part of the Passover Holiday that luckily does not come during Hurricane Season. I'm on vacation for now.... but pay attention to weather apps and your local experts beause this time of year when strong, cold fronts slam into warm moist tropical air tornado trouble happens and this year is forecast to be a very, bad, severe weather season. So let's take it one season at a time, but know models will spin something up and wannabes are out there and Arlene may show up very early. When I can't say, check back later.

Sweet Tropical Dreams,
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram
Twitter mostly weather and Instagram whatever...

As old is new again this year fashion wise...enjoy this blast from the past.... still so true tho... friendship never ends ;)


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