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Monday, April 24, 2023

GOM Blob Wants to be the BOC Blob. Rain Chances UP Again For Florida. Wave Approaching South America Low But There... 38 Days Til Hurricane Season!


Do you wake up and check the NHC even though you know there is nothing there... just in case... something pops up? If so you may be tropically obsessed. And it's kind of a good habit to do before going on Twitter or your favorite social media group where models and possible pop up storms are being discussed in late April. It's very late April which means it's 38 days until Hurricane Season; I've always liked the number 38 as it's ripe, rich, full...maybe it's just me ;)

Good thing I checked the NHC site first...right?

Definitely "something" there...

That's the EURO... tracks it a bit.
Disappates .... 
Models consistently showed it.
But in "real life" that's intense!

1st image in the loop.......
vs current image in the loop.

Storms crashing into the Bay of Campeache
vs forming in the BOC and moving N
April NOT June.
But what will May bring?

What's actually intersting is that off the coast of South America is a lead tropical wave that has swam across the sea, too early and yet it held together as an entity. That is something to remember as we are getting closer to the real Hurricane Season. And, yes the BOC area sure is bright on any satellite imagery.

Definitely something there....
...and it crashes into the Yucatan/BOC

As you can see... top 3 there's a red Low
Then gone.
Then life goes on...
.........but dangling fronts in May are problematic.

Many a May Storm forms at the tail end of a front.

Stay tuned.

More rain for Florida

Sorry but rain chances are way up for Florida.
Not officially from monsoonal pattern...
...but definitely rainy season.

Sweet Tropical Dreams,
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Link to that loop I was referring to ... it's one of my favorites.


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