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Tuesday, April 11, 2023

April Rain Flooding Streets in Miami - Is Rainy Season Starting Early? Nola Has a Purple Splotch Offshore. New Director at NHC From NC STATE!

So let's talk April 2023's about 50 days til the start of the Atlantic Hurricane Season. And, we have an early rainy season in South Florida (a good month early) and models try to sniff out development in a few places. La Nina gives way slowly to El Nino, though once El Nino gets his footing right I'm pretty sure things will take off fast. Hot Hot Hot... Volcanoes blowing their top in the Pacific in Russia. Temperature is climbing, water in the tropics heating up and there's a small purple splotch near New Orleans. New Director at the NHC in charge officially so.... we are in a fast slide towards Hurricane Season, even though it's April when Tropical Storms can happen but rarely do. Where and when will we see Arlene this year??

All about the rain today.
Localized flooding in the Miami area.
Some areas in Miami received 5 inches of rain.
How often does your town get 5 inches in a day?
Our sister area in the tropics... Nola.
Is also in the mix, getting consistent storms seen below.

And the rain in both places seems to just linger.....

Hard to make out but try.

There's a broad LOW there.
Upper Level Low (shows up on WV Imagery)
Cut off Low.... 
A Low not going anywhere any time soon.
Some models show an attempt at formation.
But it's April so take them with a lot of sea salt!!

As Dabuh says "just something to watch for... "  trend wise especially. Some models show a low next week in the GOM. Other models show RAIN.... heading to Florida. Some models show a Low forms in the Atlantic coming off Florida at the end of the dead, decaying front that is currently draped across the area. This is prime positioning for early tropical development, but April is rare to have development.

Though our last Arlene formed in April.
What is in a name?
Read the article from NOAA linked below.

In other news.
NHC has a Director!!

OH look!!
He's got his degrees at NC STATE!
Go Wolfpack! (Raleigh school.....)

click on the pic
in blue... NC STATE proud.
My daughter went there.
Great meteorology program!

So we are 1 step closer to June 1st!
Official start of the hurricane season.
Tho will have Tropical Outlooks put out before that!

I am super busy, super tired, super almost done with Passover Holiday, have had relatives in town and I'll be offline Tuesday night to Thursday Night. Will there be an Invest? Or will all the models gone poof and the rain rained itself out? Time will tell.

Sweet Tropical Dreams.
Oh huge volcano blew it's top near Kamchatka, how much will this impact the environment?
And know the Spring thaw and Snow Melt is going to be epically a problem in the near future.
More on that later.... 

Did u play RISK?
I did... in Highschool ;)
Science Resource Lab :) :)

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