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Sunday, March 12, 2023

SNOWED in RALEIGH... North Carolina Piedmont Got Snow.. in March... Snow on the Pollen. Dusting of Snow! Thoughts on Seasons and the Carolinas...


Icon from probably came closest!
Even South of Raleigh there was some sleet!

So it snowed!
Snowed, sleet and a bit of mixed wintry preciptation.
Then it rained and washed away the snow.
I am not complaining!!

Incredibly wrapped up Low there...

Started with a magical sunrise.
Phone camera never catches the intensity.
For a minute it was blood purple red!
Definitely a day for some weather trouble.
Red sky at night...sailor's delight.
Red sky at morning...sailor's take warning.
As Google explains...

A while back the models went a bit bat shit crazy predicting a wild snow storm for the Carolinas that would have been of historic proportions. To be fair that was for March 17th and we are not there yet, but the forecast has been for colder weather and as it's best to have cold air in place if you're wishing for snow you want some cold air in place. I was elated yesterday while walking in the very cold North wind thinking "the cold weather is in place" and then I prayed, the whole way to Temple on Saturday morning I talked to God asking for any sort of frozen precipitation not just for me but all the kids here so pitifully sad that it hasn't really snowed all winter here. 

We don't really expect to get a huge snow storm every year, but we do expect to get a few dustings or one or two snows with some accumulation. We don't expect April flowers to bloom in late February. And, yet it's often those years that bring a burst of snow out of nowhere in March. If you are thinking on moving to North Carolina, as so many have recently, be aware you will get more snow than you might want or not as much as you hoped for ... it's not Jacksonville, Florida. It's not even South Carolina so if you don't want snow keep on going South of the Florida Georgia Line. 

North Carolina is a land where the Seasons reign supreme.  We have a short, but very hot summer, followed by a glorious Fall and we can get hurricanes during the Hurricane Season. College Football is huge here so choose a college if you are gonna root for a team, I'm all NC State Wolfpack as my daughter graduated from NCSTATE! They also have a fantastic meteorology program!! Then we move into a frosty Fall filled with Pumpkin Spice Lattes and homes decorated for Halloween and then we move into Christmas/Chanukah whatever winter time holiday you choose where we decorate again and then New Years! Winter brings frost, snow, sleet and sometimes thundersnow as well as what's called Lasagne Storms where the sleet sets in, it snows, we get some more sleet and when you walk outside your boots go through the crunchy layer and drop 2 inches through the snow til you hit what's now ice. Did I mention we get Ice Storms too?  March brings March Madness and usually a NC team wins! The weather begins to warm up, the pollen hits and everything turns yellow. Spring hits all at once or one bush at a time, you just never know....North Carolina is never boring weather wise. And, it's often in this time of year that we get pollen, warm hot days and the week ends with snow. Every single year it seems like this happens. Snow on the pollen, snow on the azaelas and it's snow that shows up and then melts fast as the thermometer begins to heat up again and you're back to sandals and short sleeves while waiting to see if Mother Nature will do it again before it's officialy Spring.

I'm sure I forgot a season or two. We have mini seasons such as "tomato season" when everyone either grows tomatoes or buys heirloom tomatoes at the market as if they are strawberry cheesecake. Fig season in late summer. Collard Season is winter, when there's barely anything fresh at the Farmer's Market but wood to burn and Collards to buy! 

Today in Raleigh it was Winter!

Wore the same shoes I wore to the beach for Nicole!
That's life in North Carolina.
Can't do that in Florida.

We even had a lil bit of accumulation ;)
Since melted but it was beautiful.

That's fairly impressive considering....
...experts insisted it wouldn't stick.
Knew it could for a bit.
Was snowing heavy for a little bit.

Stay tuned.
I may upload some videos to YouTube.

Can't complain.
Thanks for friends that prayed :)
We are such a close group here.

And thanks as always to Nespresso!
Nothng like a Nespresso at sunrise...
...then another while watching the snow falling!

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram
Twitter mostly weather, Instagram whatever.

Ps... later this week I'll talk on Freddy.
Reminded me in odd ways of Matthew.
First off Matthew wouldn't die while over land.
Hovered way too close to South America.
Logically should not have sat there so long.
Also had this odd double eye like look.

Is this is the end of Freddy?
Think so... time will tell.


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