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Wednesday, March 15, 2023

El Nino on the Way? What kind of El Nino? A Little Bit of History Repeating? 1982 El Nino Year. Odd Weather. California Storms. April Blizzard in NY. Quiet Hurricane Season.


Let's go back to 1982. I lived in LA in West Hollywood and wasn't tracking hurricanes. I did follow geology and watched the Pineapple Express send storms into the LA Basin and I'm talking the rainy kind not any other kind. 

1982 was part of an El Nino Cycle and it was a very slow hurricane season. Slow, as in all over slow, and only one real strong hurricane.

That's a slow season. 1982.

Today someone on Twitter made the comment that no one should ever mention the 2023 Winter (on the East Coast) ever again, much in the way storm chasers don't like to mention a few hurricane seasons which were very strange and storms started and sputtered out and then tried to come back again in an endless array of mediocrity. Strong vertical wind shear... odd wind shear, wind shear that stopped everything from doing anything  meaningful and so if you hate hurricanes and wish they'd go away that would be the year you'd wish for to repeat again. Especially as El Nino is on the way...

I believe that was the year I watched water race down the road from the Hollywood Hills as if a river was in front of our cute little duplex that suddenly sprung a leak in the roof. My 4 year old daughter had woken us to tell us "Mommy it's raining in the bedroom" so we hauled her mini swimming pool under the leak and then found out we had a river running down our narrow street.  Never saw a current like that headed down the hill before or after, though by the late 80s I was back in Miami Beach tracking hurricanes not random El Nino events.

Link below...

2023 Hurricane Season is an unknown, though we do know El Nino seems to be forming and then again we have the question "what kind of El Nino?" as they are now clustered into different categories. What if El Nino doesn't form and we get stuck in "NEUTRAL" way into the Hurricane Season?

So many questions. Not any real answers. Something to think about.

In April of 1982 a massive snow storm hit the NY area.  Enjoy the video below to this often forgotten snow storm, so late in the year it impacted people getting ready for Easter and Passover. 

2023 so far has been an odd year! Weather wise and otherwise. I'm guessing it'll just get weirder the next few months as Winter decides to hit the road until next year and we move deeper into Spring and Summer and then comes Hurricane Season. By then we will have a better view of what we are really facing El Nino wise.

As for me 1982 will be remembered for rides up and down La Cienaga Boulevard on Saturday nights stopping in places on Sunset Blvd, eating delicious food at the Milky Way Restaurant and loving Culture Club as I shopped in the May Co. on Wilshire Blvd. Loved riding up and down PCH 101... in Malibu, life was good in ways except the weather was a little bit crazy! 

Sweet Tropical Dreams,
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Twitter usually weather, Instagram whatever. Story looking back in the El Nino of 1982 during the Mother of All El Ninos in 1997.

I loved watching music videos...
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