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Friday, November 25, 2022

Happy Day After Thanksgiving. Are You Shopping or Recovering? Weather in Hurricane Country in the Blog Today... As It Began it Ends...

IF you live in New England.
You may have winter weather.
November this year feels like December!

Parts of West Texas and the Panhandle....
New Mexico... got snow.

And the Deep South has rain.
Severe Weather.
This weather is a big concern today.
Travel on I-10 will be messy in areas.

As for the Tropics.
Closed to action!
FRONTS rain supreme....

Probably the biggest story in the tropical parts of our world is the fronts moving along the Deep South, depping down into the Gulf of Mexico drawing on warm, moist, tropical air feeding into our next cold front that's marching across the East Part of the country. The warm, moist air invigorates the atmosphere, priming it for more volatility than normal. I mean really who wants a "dry cold front" if you're a weather person?

As the season began with a parade of cold fronts that marched across the maps until August, so the season ends in a march of maps moving along steadily again. And, in time they will dip down from the Arctic and the precipitation could be snow vs rain on a quiet late November morning.

Thanksgiving was very nice here. Our Synagogue had cute little breakfast buffet with omelets of whatever kind you asked for and a bagels and lox spread. Nice to be together with whichever friends showed up on everyone's day off that was left in Raleigh and didn't travel away to visit family.  Later in the day I had a nice quiet but delicious meal with my husband that was traditional and hit all the appropriate Thanksgiving side dishes. My older son came in late in the day so we had a late night buffet. He's cooking the main dish for tonight's Shabbos meal and I already baked challah rolls with onion sage toppings and there's stuffing and sweet potatoes dump cake (oh my gosh) and fresh cranberry sauce and whatever else I decide to add in.

Maybe Thanksgiving is really that harvest time feast when you fatten yourself up before the winter descends in December and you give thanks you made it through hurricane season. 

Not everyone was so safe so what I'm asking y'all to do if you're reading this is to give charity to those areas that are still recovering and trying to find "normal" again and trust me that took weeks into months for us in South Florida after Andrew so I totally get that sudden desire for normal vs excitement When the The Weather Channel came back on when our cable was reattached (rebuilt) it was October.... after a late August Hurricane. There are great churches, community groups and synagogues I know in the region helping but the list is long and as my brother has worked on the ground with the RedCross I know what a great organization it can be for getting people and money on the ground in the right places at the right time.

Make a difference in someone's life today!

Sweet Tropical Dreams...
...or snowy dreams.
Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram
Twitter mostly weather and Instagram whatever.

One of my favorite holiday movies.
If  your family was like mine.
Find some bourbon or chocolate this morning.


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