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Saturday, October 29, 2022

Saturday Night.... Recon Might Go Into 70% RED Circle... Maybe. Timing Questions??

Looking at the area in Earthnull below...

It's trying.
Elongated bubble 
Further North today.

The easy to read models from Tropical Tidbits.

So currently it seems our Invest has eyes on the EPAC where other waves have gone earlier this year. A common 2022 track in this region, sadly with Ian being the exception.  My only concern is that this model and all models have a time expiration date. You know those coupons that are printed 12/31/2022? Well these are not like those coupons, the models can change in real time. IF this develops sooner, if it follows the  models seen above then we have  nothing to worry about. If it forms later in a diffeent spot with more latitude during this way too  long for my likes period of Autumn Summer where temperatures are warm and Mother Nature tries to trick you into believing that this treat will last deep into winter... then we could have a possible problem as systems in the SW Carib that do not go quietly into the Pacific can catch a ride out of the Carib North or more usually NE and when that happens the tropical trouble becomes a problem. Hopefully this will not happen but it's worth remembering it's not over til way after the World Series en/sds!

Check in Sunday.... 
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Some like it hot but I'm ready for cooler weather but we are on a pause weather wise until the next strong, real cold front stands up and dives deep down cruising through the Carolinas on it's way towards Florida.



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