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Saturday, October 22, 2022

Invest 94L in the North Atlantic Moving Fast WNW.... Fronts Also on the Move

There's a new Invest on the block.
Actually out in the N Atlantic.
Invest 94L moving swiftly 20mph fwd speed!
Will go into more depth tomorrow.
For now letting you all know it's there!
Models show the tale...

When things move this fast ...
...steering currents tend to be locked in.
Note there's a long yellow area...
...but a narrow one.

Phillipe Papin explains this well below

Good tweet and map.
I love maps.

Earthnull shows you the coastal low.
And Invest 94L far to it's ESE
Moving fast WNW.

While one could worry on the MidAtlantic.
It's worth remembering fronts are on the move.
And in theory........
What moves towards the coast gets a free ride away.

The map above is for Tuesday.
The front is on the way.
But weather and surf should be up a long the coast.
Coastal Lows and Fronts help funnel colder air...
...down to the South in a combined impact.

Coastal Low has lots of lightning going on.
I don't focus on that but when it catches my eye.
I go "oh my" and mention it

We will see what the NHC says tomorrow.

And how models look.

Having an Invest up helps bring in more info.

Sweet Tropical Dreams,


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