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Friday, October 21, 2022

Fast Moving Yellow Submarine Like System Moving Westbound 20% in 5 days 10% in 2 days. Tropics Quietish... Late October Smells like a Surprise!

20% chance of development in 5 days!
10% in the 2 day!!
The main part of the small print is below.
Fast moving possible something moving West~!

"This low is forecast to move quickly westward at 20-25 mph across the subtropical Atlantic towards warmer waters, and could acquire some subtropical or tropical characteristics by early next week" 

It's that time of year. There's a low that going to form off the Carolinas near OBX and moves along the coast. Now this long thin balloon out from right field. You can see the area off the Florida coast now both on Euro and GFS.

The EURO below.

Sunday there's rain off of OBX
Moving up... 

Dabuh has been Tweeting on this also.

We've been watching it.

So this is the part of the blog where I go long and try to explain that while nothing is actually happening, it's likely we get another named storm in the next month be it subtropical or extratropical or even tropical. But the season is changing from what it was to what it might be. Fronts should sweep anything up that forms and move it on out to sea. If something forms in the Caribbean (not impossible) it should move NE out to sea and in November sometimes systems move ENE even out to sea. Areas off of the East Coast are watched and waves that will somehow transport...themselves Eastbound at high latitudes rarely make landfall. But we will watch as it's later in October and the season isn't over yet.

It's possible that some system will pop up Karl like any day from various aspects coming together and late October usually brings a surpise storm somewhere. So stay tuned.

Otherwise it's cold tonight in Raleigh but will warm up tomorrow.... even Miami is a bit cooler today.

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