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Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Carib Got Yellow Circle. It's a Start. Red Circle (95L) Demoted to Orange (Not Happening) Yellow Circle Remains E of Bahamas Possible Subtropical System. Lunar Eclipse Day... Bit of a TWC Rant...

Salient point of take away this morning is that yesterday's "Red" any time now something can form did not form and it's chances of forming are now orange (lower) and to be fair there was always a sliver of a window for development. 

Invest 94L a naked swirl near Bermuda.
Yeah turned off TWC watching Mike.
Which makes total sense actually LOL. 
Been friends a long time.

Anyway the Yellow area immediately to it's South is still being investigated. This is an example of two systems that close to each other aren't going to develop quickly, but it's proable that the energy from one kind of gets passed to the other. Kind of like a relay race "here you take the wand and run with it" and models do that often. One way or ther other there is something subtropical trying to form but reallyas models keep it out to sea, people asking about the Caribbean.  Note you can see in the EURO part of a system forms from ou current yellow circle that just picked up the tropical relay wand. 

Euro sees something in N ATL
But nothing in the Carib
GFS sees both areas developing.

Small circulation in N ATL (hard to see here)
"Oh my goodness" in the Carib.

Typical GFS vs EURO battle.

Again something could form North of PR and East of the Bahamas and possibly be stuck off the coast there trapped by a High to the North and if that did play out I'd imagine there'd be some surf impacts along the East Coast.  And, it will funnel in more moisture and probably give the Carolinas a bit of a cooler flow way better than the Southern Warmer Winds we get between fronts. If I wanted warm I'd be in Miami today..

As far as the Caribbean goes it's the time of year for tropical trouble. As we all say there's often a second little peak of activity in late October and often that moves into the first week in November. Sandy formed down in this region in a year with similar conditions, it's just one example. Wilma is my favorite example but after losing power and enjoying the eye of Katrina, then Rita and eventually Wilma the best thing I can say about Wilma in the Miami area is the cold front that grabbed it was incredibly wonderful when the power went out.  Season isn't over til it's over. 

My friend DaBuh tells it in pictures.
Again if and when the EURO closes something off...
... it's chances will go up.

CMC and GFS on board.
Icon kind of sees it then loses it.
Euro says NO!

Old Fashioned Rant:

Did I really need to know about the Maze by Moonlight in Floral Park, NY during what used to be the Tropical Update? Or the Hill-o-ween festival somewhere, I don't care about during the Tropical Update time slot?  Did I miss something? Does TWC not do a Tropical Update during October because they need to hype every pumpkin or ghost festival in October that could be done the rest of the hour? I know it's easy to complain about The Weather Channel as some of us actually watched it for weather once upon a time,  not travel discussion, how to suvive in a forest by yourself or to send in whether we like decorating for Halloween or Christmas? What's next I wonder? I hope not "how to survive a dirty bomb?"

Sorry they sound like the "Entertainment Director" at the Nursing Home where my mother was in her end days when she was not well and didn't care about drawing pumpkins with other women at the long table where people sat semi-catatonic holding crayons (some trying to eat them... ) and the sweet, well meaning woman tried hard to connect to the audience that were mostly on mute mentally. Then again... I often watch TWC on mute (thinking............hmnn) you know like a screen saver as possibly a Twister will pop up or a new area of yellow in the Caribbean. And, of course for fashion as she was wearing "over the knee boots" with shorts or a short skirt (can't tell because they are constantly sitting at the dorky sofa with the pillows) and those boots would be a great look for Miami but not really for Colorado. I digress. If you can't show me the Tropical Update in October with 3 circles on the map then I'll force myself to remember I like Weather Nation. Maybe leave a yellow sticky on the TV screen to remind myself to switch channels.  Geez, yes an old fashioned rant. And, note I do love the two On Air Mets today on TWC but all I wonder is ... if a circle goes Red do they change the pillows to red from that yellow/orange shade?  I'm sorry unless they are using this for a audition for "Good Morning Atlanta!" on a local channel, I'm pretty sure their degree in meteorology wasn't for answering people emailing them their decorating preferences for Fall Decor.

Ps This is why people follow Mike's WEATHER Page and watch his morning YouTube, because he talks about Weather even though he does chit chat a bit but he never takes his eyes off the weather! 

Most people watch weather stuff for weather.

Have a great day!
Lunar Eclipse... over in Europe, Russia and Asia.
Foggy here ... burning off soon they say.
Still watching the Caribbean.
What forms in the Carib in October rarely stays there!

Oh and as for the Eclipse...
...Lunar Eclipse this morning!

It's daylight in our part of the world.
But the eclipse is seen over Europe.
Parts of Russia and Asia.

Sweet Tropical Dreams,
Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram
Twitter mostly weather, Instagram whatever..

Ps... sorry for any typos.
Headache bothering my eyes.
Going offline and going to rest them.
Relax... do stuff.
Thanks for all you patience
love ya all...


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