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Sunday, August 07, 2022

African Wave with Low Chances to Develop. Orange Circle MDR. Low to Moderate. Juicing Up the Atmosphere Mostly.


Yes I am watching it.
Trust me I am watching it.

Everyone wants a yellow or orange circle to track and no sooner than it's up on their site, everyone starts ripping it to pieces. This model, that model ... I mean Lord have mercy just enjoy something that is out there juicing up the atmosphere that might make it hospitable for other stronger pretenders in late August to develop. Yes, this could get a name and it might not last. Let's be real the Danielle name keeps on going forever it seems. Beautiful name, by the way.

Orange, gold, red is WET!
And, as it bulges North it's taking a bite out of the dust.
More so than ones that stay low and go West.

The GFS sticks with it ...for a while.
Long enough to perhaps get a name.
Or designature as an Invest.
The EURO is showing it the cold shoulder.

I've been kind of missing in action here, but the truth is there's nothing to write about and I don't want to hype every promising wave that falls apart as soon as it hits the water. It's August. Everyone is debating if it will still be a busy season or be like 2013 and no one wants to talk on 2013 around here. 

Lots of nothing.
Lots of unrealized potential.
Chasers were popping pills... 
... of all kind to get through the season.

I'd say this season will be somewhere between a busy season and a slow season. A kind of normal season, hyped up in the preseason yet for someone who lives in a town where a hurricane makes landfall it will be the year they will always remember.

Taking it easy personally. Dog days of summer and I'm not a fan. A good friend who is a kind of Guru said I should go slowly and breathe in my loss or did he say "feel my loss" but either way he knows me and he's right and I need to work myself through not having Sharon around to joke with, complain to and rant when the lady met at TWC doesn't shut up about something stupid or is dressed oddly. Well, okay.. I do have other friends to complain on that as most people round here have strong opinions on TWC. It's not what it once was, that's for sure and more and more I watch other alternatives that show weather live. 

People used to refer to Sharon and I as the "Bobbsey Twins" or "Thelma and Louise" lol and I'm glad she was in my life for so long and you can't go wrong with a friend like that. There were times I might have totally lost it and gone off the rails but she didn't let go. My kids should realize how lucky they are really, and as for her kids ... yes I didn't let go and she was a better mother than she thought she was and that's what friends are for... 

I'll update tomorrow. 
I'd still say watch close in for things that hang down from dangling fronts.
It's beastly hot and there are still fronts moving across the landscape, and that's not good really as we move deeper into the Hurricane Season.

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram

Ps.... until or if it falls apart... you know I'll be watching it... because that's what we do.
If we just watched the ones the models loved we'd just robots going on automatic.........


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