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Sunday, May 22, 2022

Updated 9 PM -Yellow 10% - INVEST 90L in the GOM. Warm Water, Close to Land, Flaring Up & "Something" There That's Hard to Explain

Wound up neatly...actually.
Low winds, but close in it's easy to find.
Models show smallest chance of strength...
...most show just below TS intensity.
Mini micro system ... 
...interesting anomaly!

Models run....  
where does this system go down the road?
SE getting moisture!!

Basically weather.
A tropical reminder!

Take the hint!
Prepare for the 2022 Hurricane Season!

...keep reading if you didn't do so earlier!

* * * 


This is the "blob" in the GOM.
Now Invest 90L!!

A good tweet showing the possibilities.

Earthnull shows "something" trying to pull together.

And last but not least.
Big shout out to Dabuh...
...came home from the Farmer's Market.
And there it was on Instagram

Bottom line is that the GFS nailed the blob of convection, while they were a bit over eager on development. The EURO was right there is no sign of a hurricane forming, but they also missed the weather. Time will tell, we can review this afterwards. Close to land and only one way to go as seen on the MIMIC below. But also notice there's something down near the Yucatan, South of there a bit that makes me wonder...

Currently in an area of low shear.
Green means "go for it"

Time will tell.......
....check back later.

Besos BobbiStorm
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