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Saturday, May 28, 2022

TS Agatha Forms in the EPAC - Yellow Circle 20% UP In BOC. Can Agatha Help Light the Spark for Alex? A Tropical Mystery... Stay Tuned...


TS Agatha forms in the EPAC!
1st named storm of 2022!!

This is the real question below....

Borrowing from my Instagram...
20% Yellow in the BOC IF Agatha can do the deed.
Models are messy.. but consistent.

EURO Model on it!

GFS had it's Fantasy Cane.... the EURO fantasizing or onto something?

Bottom line here is that it does happen but it's rare. Sunday I'll discuss this in depth but it's definitely something to wonder on and Agatha is expected to be a Hurricane. tonight shows this for Monday.
Tight little storm.

iCyclone is hungry, he's in place already...

2022 Hurricane Season has basically started though the official start is June 1st. Stay tuned, prepare whatever you need based on your own priorities and I'll update Sunday Morning. Just marking the moment when Agatha formed in the EPAC along with the models currently toying with taking it into the Atlantic Basic. 

Sweet Tropical Dreams,
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