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Sunday, May 22, 2022

SAL in Charge!! No Named Storm. EURO Wins - GFS Loses...Tho Lots of Weather Where GFS Put the Weather Just no Fantasy Cane. Strong High in Place


Nothing expected but...check your Marine Forecast.
Just because there is no named storm....
...does not mean there is no dangerous weather!

Note the GFS nailed the "flow"
but missed the lack of development.
So EURO gets a win today.

Looks can be deceiving.... just weather.

Dust is having a field day today.
Propelled South of the strong High Pressure.
Into the Caribbean and up towards Florida.

This is SAL's time of year, the time when Saharan Dust travels far and wide providing beautiful tropical sunsets and forcing asthmatics to carry their inhaler with them everywhere.  But, I'll tell you one thing and that is where SAL goes early in the season is the average track of tropical storms that form later in June and July.  There has been much talk on a strong high, pushing the waves to the South moving them rapidly West providing a problem for Florida and possibly the East Coast depending on where the High sets up for the Hurricane Season or at least the early part of it. 

You can see the High above.
The flow Westbound South of it...
Remember that because where SAL goes, trouble follows.

Meanwhile take those techicolor sunset pics and enjoy.

Sweet Tropical Dreams,

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