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Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Our Coastal Storm Sits & Spins, Strong Waves on OBX Claim Homes. Models Dream of a Caribbean Storm Late in May. Active ITCZ.


OBX getting battered by the "storm"
That's not a houseboat. It fell into the ocean.

That's not a named storm but it took out the house.
Steady gusts in the high 30s and battering surf.

It may not have a name, but months from now it will be remembered as  "that storm we had in May" unless it somehow manages to get a name over the next few days. It's basically anchored there for now and a name is currently a longshot.  This is typical of systems such as this ....this time of year. IF they begin to retrograde to the South and West and spend time over warmer water then they have a chance of evolving into a subtropical storm with a name.  It's one of those things you just watch in real time, know it's there and remember there are 22 days until Hurricane Season. Worry less on a storm eeking out the name Alex before June 1st and worry more on getting the supplies and extra things you will need so that you'll be prepared when Fiona and Gaston look as if they want to come visit your home. Oh and do I need to remind you that EARL is on this year's list as no Earl so far has managed to be strong and bad enough to get the name retired. Could this be THE YEAR for EARL to be the last Earl on a list? Hmnn....

One of the benefits of this coastal storm is that the backside brings down cooler, drier weather as seen above in the dark violet shade on the West side of the storm. Note there is an abundance of moisture (reds, oranges) in the Caribbean. Some models have been showing possible development in the Caribbean towards the end of May that could ride North towards a weakness in the atmosphere ...however, those are long range models, very long range models and it's way too soon to tell if what they are sniffing is tropical or simple ghost storms. But, be aware models are dreaming of a Caribbean system heading North out of the Caribbean. Everyone wants to move to Florida these days or just go party a while.

This blue strand of color is the tropical convergence zone.'
Notice how it's lit up from Africa to the Pacific.

As the Bermuda High is forecast to be further South for a while.
It will keep West bound waves cruising West towards the Carib.
So while nothing is there now.......
....we are aware something could develop down the  road.

Sweet Tropical Dreams, 

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Ps ...below is the longer video of the house falling into the ocean.
Being honest it happens during coastal storms there often.
Still it is a reminder of the  power of wind and water!

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