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Saturday, May 07, 2022

Officially the First Wave Emerges Off of Africa.... SE Coast System a Possibility ...Happy Mother's Day!


NHC says 1st Tropical Wave of the Season.
Emerging off of Africa.

Just marking time..... 
...not expected to develop but it's there.
NHC isn't hyping they are just noting it!

Closer to the USA...

Did you know purple is my favorite color?
The area is getting larger, odds going up.
Epac also shows us some possibilities.
EPAC Season begins May 15th!

Above is the start of the Mimic Loop.
Below is the end.
Note how "something" is happening.

Models offer possibilities, as something begins to form and take shape we see the real probabilities. 
A great loop to save for a long term evolution of the environment during the Hurricane Season.

The purpose of this blog is to show possibilities early on and to explain what is happening in the tropics to those of you living in hurricane country who would like a heads up or to learn more on tropical weather. It's also my online diary so sometimes there is a personal take on life both tropical or otherwise. Thanks for reading along.

I cannot say this enough. Now, is the quiet time when African Waves are way too low as they come off of Africa to be serious threats and when subtropicals may or may not be is the time for you to put together a plan. As I said yesterday, lots of newbies to the South Florida area as well as the Carolinas and Texas who may not know if they are or aren't in a flood zone until it's too late to evacuate. In the Houston area bayous fill up with water faster than you can react if you are on the road and have not seen a bayou fill up and flood fast! 

Best source for information is the National Hurricane Center.
Use this link and figure out what your priorities are and prepare for Hurricane Season!

Have a wonderful Mother's Day! 

Sweet Tropical Dreams,
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Nice video of one of my favorite areas........


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