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Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Another Winter Storm. Colder Temperatures. Could Coastal Beaches Get SNOW or ICE? Possibly. Texas, Kentucky, Carolinas Have Winter Weather Advisory. Happy Birthday Dolly Parton!


Snow top layer.
Sleet middle of the winter cake.
ICE Freezing Rain bottom layer.
This could be an Ice Storm down near the coast.
Wilmington, Myrtle Beach and nearby cities.
Again a good part of South Carolina.

Raleigh could get sleet, snow or both.

As for the rest of the country..........
... Texas, Carolinas (VA/GA)
Check out Kentucky!

Another winter storm. Winter is back in fashion again in the South and along the East Coast. Texas is getting weather also but I tend to focus on the area from Florida to the Carolinas, including Georgia and sometimes Virginia.

There's a line in a Passover Seder service that asks "Why is this night different from all other nights?" which leads to a long explanation. The answer here regarding this winter storm in particular is rather easy. The temperatures will be cold before and after this winter storm. The cold January air will be in place and what falls may stick around a bit, waiting to see what the storm after this next storm does or doesn't do.

Frost/freezing line currently.
Before the cold air moves in next week.

Last storm was snow, sleet, freezing rain and rain. This storm has the set up for a bit of rain and wintry mix and then snow. If the streets are not brined, because of the rain prior to the snow, and then this plays out what you get is the Raleigh Snow Meme... meaning the roads freeze immediately and then are covered with snow. People could be stuck on the road because they were sure it either wouldn't snow or would snow later in the middle of the night and are stuck on the highway coming back from or going to wherever they thought they could get to... 

Also after 2 Winter Storms that didn't leave any snow on the ground and were not big problems people get into the "crying wolf" set up and decide the 3rd storm won't be anything to worry on.

Whether it's sleet or snow North Carolina is getting something. The coast could get ICE and that does happen here sometimes, rarely, but when it does it takes down huge tall Pines, Oaks and kills many of the palm trees along the Strand. So it's a huge problem IF it happens.

If people here don't think it will happen because the last two storms didn't even leave snow on the ground... and they get slammed it's a problem.

That's my concern.

Someone getting snow.... sledding and selfies.

Someone getting sleet ... upset less snow totals.

Someone's getting Ice... dangerous and deadly problems, not such happy selfies.

Prepare accordingly.

(Yes I miss hurricane season too... more so I miss watching a wave form, watching it develop, watching it track across an ocean vs watching models and waiting for a winter storm to form over my head, but I do love's winter and that's why I'm here!

Sweet Stormy Dreams,

Besos BobbiStorm

@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram

It's Dolly Parton's Birthday!

Make it a good day... sing a song, smile, dance... make it a better day!


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