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Monday, November 22, 2021

Thanksgiving Week! Hurricane Season Over... If You Were NOT Impacted This Year... Be Thankful! Why is Chanukah SOOO Early This Year??


This is an excellent collage from Twitter.
Larry, Sam, Ida, Grace stand out from the pack...
...lots of oddly shaped, short lived storms.

Yet, the multiple systems that tracked along the Eastern Seaboard creating flooding in the same places took a huge toll on many far from the tropical, beachy coastlines we usually think of when we think of Hurricane damages.  The Mid Atlantic, NY/NJ and New England dealt with violent remnants from tropical storms that while not dangerous looking on satellite imagery can wreak havoc at high latitudes.

A busy season, yet many stayed far out at sea while others cris crossed their way across the Northeast as a trough hung out there attracting each system one by one, flood by flood with over 100 people killed from Ida's exit strategy.

As for me I'm going "home" to Florida, though these days Carolina feels like "home" as well. This weekend I'll watch the Dolphins play my Carolina Panthers. Life gets complicated when you move around the country. I've lived in New York City where I attended school, LA in the 80s when I lived in West Hollywood just off of Melrose  Avenue (4 California football teams) and now Raleigh where I'm currently writing this blog. I actually watched most of the first LA Raiders Game when I was in labor telling the nurses NOT to turn the TV off... I think I missed the end but it's a LA memory.  I really HATE packing but I love traveling. I need a place in Miami where I can leave most of my more summery clothes for the rest of the year but I do love Autumn and Winter in North Carolina.

Also part of the trip is in Florida and another part will be where it will be way colder so there's multiple outfits for various weather.  

A cold front is pushing down towards Florida.
Currently over the Carolinas.
Cold, cold air descending rapidly.

Are you traveling this Thanksgiving?

Very frontal today....
Lined up like planes landing at MIA....

If  you're traveling North of Florida...
Take a coat with you ...
..and that includes the Florida Panhandle.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving.
I hope you get  your favorite desserts!
Mine are Pumpkin and Pecan Pie.
Maybe some Guava something in Miami...whic

I'll update at some point.
But I'm focused on traveling today.

2021 Hurricane Season is in the rear view mirror.
Meteorological Winter arrives next week.

Are you ready?
Because I have Thanksgiving Thursday.
Friday/Saturday Shabbos at my son's house.
Sunday a birthday party for my 4 year old grandson.
Sunday Night Chanukah ...

Send help....................
......nah seriously I'm happy.

Sweet Tropical Dreams,
Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram

Ps Thanksgiving has always been a difficult time for me. My family rarely had a big meal, and when there was one there was the regular fighting between my two younger brothers and my mother upset about something my Aunt said and very worried the neighbors didn't see anyone fighting. Not sure why she had a fear of this as we were fairly boring and who cares really? But she cared. She didn't care for turkey referring to it as a "big diry old bird" so my father would take me out to some cafeteria within a day or so of Thanksgiving and we'd get a traditional dinner with his "don't tell your mother" and yes at some point she'd relent though it never was like it was in the movies.  When I was little my Aunt made an awesome meal complete with little wax pilgrims and turkeys my Uncle and I would set the table with and those were good days, my uncle died young. 

I had a best friend who died on Thanksgiving and I got the phone call just as my sister-in-law was serving dessert. An annoying friend of hers watched my face trying to discern what was wrong while I made an excuse to run out to meet my other best friend while we sat crying and sipping Diet Coke and BBQ potato chips in the parking lot of the neighborhood bodega that used to be run by the Colombian guy but ended up being run by a sweet Lebanese guy. 

Way too much information here but whose reading except my closest friends? The year before my friend who died on Thanksgiving had an argument how he HAD TO TAKE FLOWERS to his sister's house. He said she wouldn't care and he was right as she took the flowers, said thanks and "dropped them in the garbage" as I guess her florist had already done the floral arrangements for her... so he got to tell me "I told you so" one last time..........and I miss him, every day not just Thanksgiving but yeah that happened.  A year later I made a big meal at my house decorated Luau style (not the turkey just the table and why I don't know) and my soon to be husband was there with the whole crew meaning my kids and an assorted 5 to 10 other kids I didn't birth who call me "Ma" or "Mom" and sometimes Bobbi.

Is Thanksgiving fun for you? Or does Thanksgiving bring up family angst?
I don't know but I do know when I saw this movie in the theater I could not stop laughing.
Way back when we didn't have cell phones that could put the sister's shower on Facebook Live or YouTube..and when parents could actually meet us at the gate.......oh my God... and other than I was never fired I could really relate.

So Happy Thanksgiving... say goodbye to the hurricane season and hello to winter. These days I don't go offline at the end of hurricane season as someone resolved that problem and so here I am on Twitter and Facebook and Instagram and where ever we migrate from one social network to another.

Find something to be thankful for and if you can't think of anything............just fake it :)


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