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Thursday, October 28, 2021

Will Something Form in the Coming Week? Wanda... Is She Out There? Models Sniffing Around.... Wild Weather in the South as a Cold Front Slices It's Way Through Parts of Florida & NC


Let's start with this graphic.
It's a very good place to begin.
It will be updated soon so we can compare and contrast.

Sure looks like the Atlantic wants to get a named storm.

There's a wave off of Africa that actually shows up on some of the model runs, yet the NHC has not yet gotten their yellow crayons out and when they use it's to highlight Invest 94L that's still parked over the Northern Atlantic. The clean up in the Mid Atlantic and New England is ongoing and some people are still without power. Normally that area gets slammed by some late October hurricane but even without a named hurricane (just a no name storm) they got slammed just the same.

So this is based on various models.
Amazingly one wants to play....
...with what should be Wanda.
But who knows who gets the Wanda name?

Yes the SW Caribbean is trying hard but still nothing.

If the NHC puts a yellow circle up in the MDR ...
...then we'd have what to talk about.

For now we have a solid purple blotch...
...low off of Africa.

These are the signs we watch that often foreshadow more discussion on models and NHC yellow circles. But it would be easy to say the hurricane season is so over this year, except for some subtropical wandering around the middle of the Atlantic getting energized perhaps from eels in the Sargasso Sea (should it really wander that far South) but I'm not going to say it's over til it's really over. So keep watching.

There is severe weather slicing through the Southeast today as a line from Florida to North Carolina is pushing through bringing with it strong storms and the possibilities of tornadoes. Here in Raleigh we are prone to nighttime tornadoes and the line in fact will be strongest in the middle of the night. So, hope everyone who reads this that is in this area in general keeps their weather alerts on their phones. Just in case...

In truth there are a lot of weather warnings outside of the Southeast, but a good percentage of my readers come from those parts so mentioning it.

Hey I can say that a few of the model esemble members show something and that would be true, but I can't say anything will develop just yet. But I can't say it won't.

Either way we have severe weather on the maps, a line producing tornado warnings slicing thru Florida and the ocean has an odd look. I personally think they should have upgraded Invest 94L to subtropical depression or something ... at least flown recon in as the winds were easily tropical storm force and it socked New England with yet another punch that came from something like a tropical/subtropical system. It's had a very hybrid look to it, often looking like a Superstorm but it was defintely one heck of a cyclonic bomb!

I'll update on Friday. Stay tuned. Stay safe! Enjoy the weather!

Besos BobbiStorm

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Ps Took a nice road trip yesterday through the back roads of North Carolina, places you don't see on the Interstate! Small homes tucked into hillsides, trailers and huge homes in the middle of nowhere. High hills that look like small mountains and fields of cotton. Lots of autumn color mixed in, the maple trees were literally on fire especially at sunset. Listened to Willie Road House on the car radio as the miles passed by as we got closer to Ashboro, Siler City and it was simply wonderful especially for a Southern girl who loves back roads, horses running in the field and cotton growing in the fields and Willie and Waylon on the radio.

Waylon Jennings - "Good Hearted Woman" [Live from Austin, TX]

I also love SNOW.... 
...wishing on winter.

If you're still here :)

Whenever I pass the signs for Ablemare I smile, because my youngest brother had the biggest crush on Kellie Pickler and well driving the roads near where she lived, grew up and others live, every day lives, falling in love, out of love and back in love... watching the sunset and giving thanks for another day. And, smiling.......

Kellie Pickler - Makin' Me Fall In Love Again


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