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Saturday, October 30, 2021

Wanda Forming in the N Atlantic. New Yellow Circle Off Africa... Late to the Game But It Does Get An Award For Participating!

The always wonderful Zoom Earth shows us both Invest 94L (at 90% go for lift off) and our new Invest 95L down near Africa from one of the previously mentioned African waves that came off low and looking to tango. It's been an odd October and the NHC has been very quiet, yet now was we roll towards November they seem to be want to upgrade and use the name Wanda. The weather in most of Hurricane Country is cold, and even cool weather made it down to South Florida where a front will fade away or possible linger a bit so we can watch that. But the long term prognosis here is Winter is in view...way down the road on the horizon as temperatures in the 40s are already forecat for Central North Carolina. Winter is definitely winning but it's still Hurricane Season until November 30th so let's check out our tropical contestants!

As of 8 PM Saturday evening. 

Invest 94L with a 90% Chance of Forming.
Little Yellow Groupie Invest 95L Watching...

94 looks small ....all in all.
95L larger, more diffuse, just off of Africa.

Rememember I mentioned the late African waves...
...this is one of them now an Invest.

Invest 94 tracks from Spaghetti Models.
Invest 95L below...

NHC has been so quiet all October...
Now we have 2 invests on the map.

As for me adding winter clothes to my wardrobe.
But ready to write about anything tropical.
That blue seeping down is cold air.
Cold air usually puts the lid on tropical threats...
...on the East Coast.
But the season ends on November 30th...for a reason.
So stay tuned!

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