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Sunday, October 31, 2021

A Fish Named Wanda... Subtropical Storm - Spooky!!



Subtropical Storm Wanda.
Definitely a fish named Wanda.
Looks a bit like a Whale dancing...

We have been tracking Wannabe Wanda for a long time, since she jumped in the water near Florida, crawled up the coast as a coastal low along the Carolinas and gave many tricks to people in New York and New England who would really like to see this hurricane season end and now she's doing tricks in the Atlantic going by the name Wanda treating us to the end of the regular Alphabet names for the Season. is an excellent site where you can zoom in anywhere in the Earth be it cold front or hurricane so make sure you use it often.  Note Invest 95L near Africa still with low chances of developing.

Have a good day.
A Happy Halloween!

Got things to do today....
...but that's the news from our tropics!

Cool morning in North Carolina...

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