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Sunday, September 26, 2021

Sam 145 MPH Eyes an Approaching Cold Front to Travel With... Not an All Clear But Looking Good Today Re: Sam. Down the Road Watch Out! October Surprise Coming!


There should be a Country Song about trofs and hurricanes in September; you know a strong cold front walked into a bar and everyone looked up and took note of that handsome cowboy! September Hurricane tracks are always decided by how strong the cold fronts are and if they are even there. A cold front always beats a hurricane; even a somewhat small, but beautiful Category 4 hurricane. But, in truth all they are doing is assisting the hurricane that wishes to go North to begin with and so no one loves a good cold front more than a hurricane.

It's the law of attraction, opposites and yet they have so much in common. Lows go to lows and they will run off with lows faster than they can say "May I buy you drink Sam??" 

145 MPH! 

That said it seems to be "up, up and away" for Sam as he travels in the wake of Teresa, Odette and the others that took the kinder path like Larry as opposed to Ida. There is the smallest chance something else could happen, but that's why we track them as opposed to saying "nothing to see here, go back to golfing!" 

But we all watch it, stare at it and think "wow" whether we are older or younger, weather has no age boundaries if you have that weather gene in your body and soul.  "look at that eye!!!

Dark core, solid eye wall with lightning striking.
Bit narrow dry line there on the SW side... 

Bermuda might need to watch more than Barbuda!

Whether you're watching weather on a laptop....
...or from the inside of a Recon Plane.

Elsewhere the NHC is monitoring several areas, though none seem to be popping any time soon so going to enjoy my Sunday and get on with the process of life in Raleigh where most of my clothes are in the closet; I always have clothes at my daughter's in Miami and if not enough I can wear what she's wearing :) 

I cannot repeat this enough so let's try one more time. As hurricanes approaching from the ESE get a free ride out of the tropics on the wings of cold fronts. Those same strong cold fronts will attract traveling buddies from the South should there be a strong Cat 4 down in the Caribbean somewhere. So don't start slapping yourself on the back thinking we are "home free this hurricane season" because you ain't. Plain and simple in fancy scientific lingo or plain old folks lingo we are far from home free.  

October is the month that brought you Wilma, Sandy, Hilda, Hazel and the list goes on and on. And, after doing their intensification dance they looked up to the North or NorthWest and smiled and thought "wow, that's a damn fine lookin' cold front up there!!" and away they went making landfall as strong, violent hurricanes just two weeks after you decided to eat all your Twinkies and drink up all the water you were saving for hurricane season. Don't be that person! 

Enjoy the weekend! It's a gift from Mother Nature who is saving up something spectacular to knock your socks off that may show up in the next week to ten days so party hardy today but do not touch the hurricane supplies! Do not gamble with the money you need to escape a hurricane or you need to restock your hurricane supplies because it ain't over... you got to know when you use them and when to hold them!

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