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Monday, June 14, 2021

UPDATED Cone For TD 2 FORMS from Invest 93L POPS UP - Forecast to be a Tropical Storm By NHC - Bill May Be Forming Off the Carolina Coast. 92L out there still.... and an AFRICA WAVE is YELLOW. Stay Tuned. Heating up in the Tropics!

 35.0 N 73.7 W 35 MPH NE 21 MPH

TD 2 Formed this morning..

Forecast to attain Tropical Storm intensity.

That's really the bottom line here.
The punctuation point!
NHC is rarely wrong withing 24 hours.
So this could should might be BILL

The GOM system could be Claudette.

Only time will tell.
Stay tuned.

I knew when I started this blog around 9:30 AM that I'd update later in the day with a designated system off the coast of the Carolinas but I didn't think it would be 3 minutes after I hit "post" but yeah that's the way of the world in the hot to trot, ready to party tropics this year!  Please keep reading the blog as it was written 3 minutes before the NHC announced they would indeed post an advisory on TD 2 at 11 AM.

Introducing Invest 93L
Keeping this short and sweet.
Planning to update later today.
This could be BILL
At least a Tropical Depression.
Home grown off the coast of the Carolinas.
Typical breeding ground for June storms.

When the NRL puts up a track map.
It's almost a birth announcement.
Watching in real time.
And over night the NHC used lots of crayons.

This is how fast the season can change.
A switch is flipped on....
...add in real oceanic heat content.

Boom too soon!
But there's always that one rule breaker.

I remember one year when there was an Invest in the BOC/GOM that actually was coming up from the Caribbean and they had just begun to advertise Invests and TWC went all hype and hysteria as the models showed the Invest moving up towards big cities in the Gulf of Mexico such as Houston and New Orleans and everyone went nuts. Nothing happened. They went slowly up towards orange or red and slowly down towards orange and yellow and at one point (like two weeks later) they pulled the plug on the Invest and TWC kept showing it referring to "X Invest number...." or our "REMNANT INVEST" for another week or so. If you wait long enough in June or July something will come up out of the Carib near the Yucatan usually so eventually one model was right.

That said Invest 92L could possibly form and become a problematic storm further up into the Center Stage of the GOM but today it's taken back stage as the area off the Carolinas wrapped up last night nicely as I point out on Twitter. When a system off the coastline being ignored tightens up you have to take it seriously.  Amazingly models take it all the way across the Atlantic towards England where my brother who was living in Greece is now spending his time.  If he gets the remnant of a tropical entity before me that would be ironic.

And off the coast of Africa there is a stupendously huge vigorous wave that looks to definitely take a huge bite out of SAL and it could make it part way across the Atlantic ... reminding us that the waves are extremely healthy this year. And, yes I said HUGE on purpose twice.

Have your shopped yet for hurricane supplies?

I'll be updating later today because Bill could form fast.
And now where most people expected it to.

Never get too locked in on early models.
Never give up on a strong wave...
...never ignore an area in favored areas.

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram.
Weather usually on Twitter.
Whatever on Instagram.

Ps... how could i not?

Never assume what will happen....
...or pop up here on the blog!


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