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Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Elsa forming. Watching the Cone From Myrtle Beach.

Cone at the bottom 
Read first. Or peek at the cone ;)

For now… the cone cuts thru the Florida Keys. Low confidence on the end game. Tomorrow where will it be?

Tropical Storm Elsa is in the process of forming. The NHC to provide the utmost amount of early warning to the islands now issues potential tropical cyclone warnings. There is much certainty in the short term yet the long term depends on many factors still uncertain. The strength of the ridge, where and when the weakness develops and how strong Elsa will be. Each of these factors evolve in real time and can influence the others. The long term cone reminds area’s potentially in the path. Think of it as a visual reminder that bye Hurricane Season. 

I’m in Myrtle Beach with my daughter. We went to the beach. We walked on the boardwalk. We walked in the ocean. We got drinks by the boardwalk. We checked into our hotel and went swimming in the beautiful pool. We had Israeli food for dinner (awesome) came back and watched sunset at Broadway on the Beach. We went to Fat Tuesday for drinks. I had a hurricane… of course. Talked to some nice people. Walked back to our room thru Margaritaville. It’s been a long day. And I watched loops all day because what will be Elsa is interesting. 

We watched a press conference from Miami in the pool. Life is complicated these days. You gotta do what you gotta do. But you gotta squeeze the lemons get some juice out and make margaritas with them! 

And you gotta do what you gotta do and that’s take hurricane season seriously!!! Be hurricane strong. Not the ones with 180 proof rum but the ones with batteries, canned foods and any medicine you need before the cone snaps back over you!!

Watching the cone…

Besos BobbiStorm from Myrtle Beach. I found 3 shark teeth. One perfect!!


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